Wobble Stool Air

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Wobble Stool air - a fun, active sitting chair with an unstable cushion that helps keep your core engaged and encourages movement while sitting. The simple, lightweight design conveniently rolls into place and is easy to sit on. We custom-designed the seat to let you sit still OR easily engage your core for an active sitting experience!

  • ENGAGE YOUR CORE: sit actively with a unique, unstable seat design that engages your core
  • ROLLS: 5 wheels make it easy to move Wobble Stool air in place
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: from ~ 19-25"

How It Works:

  • Simple assembly - no tools required :-)
  • Rolls into place
  • Unstable seat cushion engages your core to help you sit actively



  • Seat Diameter: 15.25"
  • Product Weight: 10 lbs

Wobble Stool air is a fun active sitting stool that easily rolls into place. It's easy to sit on and the unique unstable cushion engages your core. Sit actively with this balance stool elegant enough for the office and fun enough just about anywhere.

Adjustable active balance ball stool that makes sitting fun & active! Burn calories, rock & move around. This adjustable height, rolling active balance chair is an excellent home, office, and standing desk stool.

How does it work?

We designed a unique cushion experience to let you sit still OR engage your core by sitting actively. It's fun, simple, and easy!

What are the dimensions, weight, max load, or other technical details?

Click on the SPECS tab on the Wobble Stool Air webpage

How much ASSEMBLY is required?

Wobble Stool air ships unassembled, allowing us to pass reduced shipping costs onto you. Simple assembly is required (no tools required)!

How does it work?

We engineered a unique seat cushion that lets you safely sit still OR quickly move to an active sitting environment by balancing on the seat. Rock, balance, move more and have fun while sitting with Wobble Stool air!

Do you ship to Canada or another foreign country?

Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping costs are automatically calculated at checkout.

How does it adjust?

1. Grasp the lever under the seat to raise the seat.
2. Grasp the lever under the seat and press down on the seat to lower it.

Is it safe?

Wobble Stool air creates an unstable seating environment that requires core engagement. Our unique seat lets you rock, tilt, move and balance while sitting. You can sit safely on Wobble Stool air only if both feet are firmly planted on the ground. Before use, (1) read and clearly understand the user manual AND (2) test the stool so you understand how it works and why it is unstable.

Do you make a different size?

No. Wobble Stool air comes in 1 size. If you want a taller stool, check out our famous Wobble Stool.

Type Value
Description: Fun active sitting balance stool that rolls into place & engages your core
Seat diameter: 15.25"
Weight: ~12lbs
Max load: 250 lbs
Height range: ~19-25.5"
Base diameter: ~18"
Sku, upc: SKU = WSA-b
Material: Steel, Silicon Gel, Polyester, Polyurethane & Wooden

Wobble stool air rolling balance office stool for active sitting

Wobble Stool Air is a simple rolling balance stool with an unstable seat cushion that engages your core for active sitting. Sit still, rock, swivel and move more while sitting with this fun rolling balance stool. It's more elegant and functional than a balance ball chair.

Wobble stool air overview: affordable rolling balance ball office chair stool for active sitting

WOBBLE STOOL AIR is a fun, active sitting chair with a wobbly cushion that helps keep your core engaged and encourages movement while sitting. The simple, lightweight design conveniently rolls into place and is easy to sit on.