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SINCE 2010

Uncaged Ergonomics specializes in creating unique, useful and affordable ergonomic office furniture. We design most products in-house starting with a hand-drawn concept before moving to CAD renderings, prototyping, 3Dprinting, sourcing raw materials and eventually making molds for mass production.

Everything we do is backed by our amazing customer service team. We care about every customer, listen to your feedback and feel nothing is more rewarding than seeing customers purchase a unique ergonomic office product we created.

Real Customer Reviews

Very well made. It doesn’t do what I wanted it to do for me. I didn’t return it because our son is heading to college. This could be awesome in a dorm room.

-Dough G

I have had 2 hip replacements and with the "WorkEZ Cool" I can switch for sitting to standing in about 15 sec. It really saves my joints.

-William S.

I am very pleased with the service. the product is amazingly comfortable. Came in nice packing

-Dough G

I just received my Changedesk Mini this afternoon and have been using it for about an hour. I love it! It's compact yet provides enough surface space for my keyboard, mouse, and monitor, with space for papers and other supplies if necessary. It locks securely into position, so there is no wobbling or swaying as I type.


Perfect solution without the enormous price I use this keyboard stand along with a pole mounted monitor setup. It is perfect because it is stable and very adjustable and when I want to sit down, it is light enough to just pickup and set under the desk.


Office & Standing Desk
Anti-Fatigue Mats

Stand more comfortably, longer with the best
anti-fatigue mats designed specifically for use
in the office and with standing desks.

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