How-To Videos

How-To Videos

Our "how-to" & product overview videos cover most of our ergonomic office products, including the WorkEZ series of ergonomic aluminum laptop stands, lap desks, reading stands & textbook holders; RISE UP our electric height adjustable desk with an eco-friendly bamboo desktop and more!

Active Standing Mat the perfect anti fatigue mat for your standing desk

Rise Up Memory Memory Control Setting

CHANGEdesk Mini cheap adjustable height stand up desk converter for laptops and desktops

CHANGEdesk MINI Simple Cheap Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk Riser, Standing Desk Conversion

CHANGEdesk Tall Affordable Adjustable Height Standing Desk Conversion for Desktop Computers

CHANGEdesk Tall Affordable Adjustable Height Standing Desk Conversion for Laptop Computers

Rise Up Electric Standing Office Desk Motor Reset Procedure

WorkEZ Introduction

WorkEZ Overview

How To Set WorkEZ Up On A Table

Adjusting WorkEZ, Adjustable Computer Stand

Wobble Stool, Ergonomic Standing Desk Stool - a fun bar chair & office stool for active sitting

Swivel Laptop Stand Introduction an Ergonomic Adjustable Laptop Cooling Stand

WorkEZ Keyboard Tray Introduction an Ergonomic Adjustable Height & Angle Computer Keyboard Stand.

Electric Changedesk Affordable Adjustable Height Power Standing Desk Conversion

KT1 Adjustable Ergonomic Under Desk Keyboard Tray Negative Tilt Overview

How to Assemble the WorkEZ Standing Desk - Affordable Standing Desk Converter

BASE Premium Balance and Stability Board for Standing Desks, Office, Home, Fitness by Uncaged Ergono

Active Standing Mat - Contoured Anti Fatigue Floor Mat Designed by Uncaged Ergonomics

WorkEZ Mouse Pad vs WorkEZ Keyboard Tray Mouse Pad

Wobble Stool Active Sitting balance standing desk chair

CPU2 Overview: Under Desk CPU Holder Swivels 360 & Slides In And Out.

CPU1 Overview: Under Desk CPU Holder Swivels 360