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Wobble Stool

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The perfect stool for active sitting!

Wobble Stool is a fun chair that makes it easy to move around while sitting. It naturally tilts & moves under your control helping you stay active & productive at the office, home, or by the bar.

Colorful Seat Options!

Designed for comfort & function.


Round, Fabric for cool, cushioned comfort.


Triangular Saddle for control & easy cleaning.


Self-stabilizing, weighted base

  • Returns upright after use

  • Non-marking

  • Non-skid

  • No dirty concrete!


Height adjustable balance stool: 23-33”

  • Perch near standing height

  • Perfect standing desk stool




What are the dimensions, weight, max load, or other specs?

Visit the Wobble Stool webpage and click on the word "SPECS"

Will Wobble Stool work on my wood floor, carpet, tile, etc.?

Wobble Stool’s base has a rubber non-skid coating that grips most floors such as wood, tile and carpet.

How do I assemble the Wobble Stool?

Visit the Wobble Stool webpage& watch the how-to assembly video. In short:
  1. Insert the thick end of the metal pole into the base & press down firmly.
  2. Snap the plastic collar onto the seat bottom.
  3. Align the seat with the top of the metal pole & press down firmly.

There are screws, but no guide holes … is this wrong?

Correct! The screws will bite into the plastic seat bottom forming a tight connection. Some assembly tips:
  1. Turn the seat upside down (so it’s resting on the cushion)
  2. Ensure that the plastic collar is screwed snugly against the seat bottom
  3. Angle the screws towards the seat bottom.

How do I adjust the seat height?

Wobble Stool works just like a common office chair. Press any one of the three under-seat buttons to raise the seat. Depress a button and sit on the seat or apply downward pressure to the seat to lower it.

It won’t adjust. What should I do?

Panic … no, please don’t.
Proper adjustment requires a tight connection between the 3 main parts of the stool
[1] seat
[2] metal pole
[3] base

If you’ve assembled the stool correctly and all pieces are aligned properly, grasp the metal pole and press down firmly into the base. Then press down firmly on the seat. Once things are snug, sit on the seat and gently bounce up and down to make sure the connection is tight.

This additional pressure should tighten the connections and allow for a very simple operation (i.e. other than pushing a button, no force is required to raise the seat)

How do I disassemble Wobble Stool?

Disassembly is essentially the reverse of assembly. The 3 main parts (seat, metal pole, base) are held together with friction and require some force to separate. This procedure is best done seated in a safe environment like on the floor:
  1. Extend Wobble Stool to max height
  2. Remove the seat by using your hands pull the seat towards you while simultaneously using your feet to push the base away.
  3. Pull the metal pole out of the base


New seat cushions! Adjustable-height standing desk stool that makes sitting fun & active! Burn calories, rock & move around. Great for home & office!
Seat Diameter:
Adjustable Height Range (approx):
Min Height [Floor to top of Seat Frame]:
Min Height [Floor To Top Of Cushion]:
Max Load:
Black, Red, Blue
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