How to Prevent Poor Circulation in Legs When Working at a Desk All Day

How to Prevent Poor Circulation in Legs When Working at a Desk All Day

Do you struggle with poor circulation in legs?

It may be due to how much time you spend sitting at a desk all day.

Whether you're working from home or back at the office, there are some things you can do to increase circulation to your legs and stave off potential problems.

We'll take a look at five of them.

1. Position Your Body Correctly

Many of us cross our legs when we sit. Over time, this can be harmful for the circulation to your lower body. To improve circulation, change the way you sit.

For example, make a conscious effort to sit with your legs spaced a little bit apart with your feet flat on the floor. Or you can slightly elevate your legs by putting your feet up on a stool or surface no more than 12 inches off the ground.

And remember to regularly get up to stand, stretch, and walk around. Speaking of standing...

2. Research Ergonomic Products

Years ago, designers began to recognize the importance of good posture for comforts and productivity. As such, there are a variety of products available to help those of us who must work at home at a laptop or desktop computer all day.

A standing desk with an anti-fatigue mat, for instance, allows you to alternate standing and being seated while you work. And active chairs that have a little movement require you to engage certain leg muscles to keep circulation flowing.

3. Lower Your Stress

Easier said than done. But when the body is under a lot of stress, it goes into a permanent “fight or flight” mode. And it was not equipped for this. The body in this constant state can negatively impact your circulation.

There are plenty of ways to fight stress though. Yoga and meditation have grown in popularity for this reason. Yet, writing in a journal while listening to relaxing music can also help. And if you're a coffee maven, consider taking caffeine intake down a few notches.

Finally, spend time with friends and family. It's a great stress reducer.

4. Get a Massage

Getting a massage is another great to reduce stress. But the pressure the massage therapist applies and releases also goes a long way toward increasing blood flow and encouraging fresh new blood flow into the affected area.

It also aids in flushing out lactic acid and boosting the circulation of lymph fluid which improves overall body function.

5. Stay Hydrated

Without proper hydration, your heart has a difficult time pumping blood to your muscles. So drink plenty of water.

The amount of water you should drink each day depends on a number of factors including the weather and how active you are. Just don't wait until you're actually thirsty. If you do, chances are that you're already dehydrated.

Boost Poor Circulation in Legs

Dealing with poor circulation in legs can be uncomfortable. So follow the above five steps to increase blood flow.

Then you'll be able to better focus on the work at hand.

And be sure to check out our full line of ergonomic products that'll increase your comfort and productivity while working.

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