Experts Tips on How to Choose an Adjustable Standing Desk

Experts Tips on How to Choose an Adjustable Standing Desk

Are you aware that almost 10% of all adults in America experience some type of chronic back pain?

If you haven't already, you could develop lifelong back issues from having a non-ergonomic desk. There's where a Rise Up electric desk comes in. These types of products are designed with your back health in mind, allowing you to be both comfortable and productive.

Are you wondering how you can get something that's worth the investment? Keep reading to learn all about expert tips on how to choose an adjustable standing desk.

See What Others Have to Say

As you start your hunt for the perfect Rise Up desk, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the many options that are out there. The good news is that you can use online reviews and ratings to your advantage. If you're in a bit of a hurry, you can start by looking at the aggregate ratings first and cross the products off your list that are rated too low.

Depending on your budget, anything below 3.5 to 4 stars should be avoided at all costs. The last thing you'd want to do is invest in a desk that breaks within a few months or even sooner than that.

Of course, it's easy to have a high aggregate score when you only have a dozen highly-rated reviews from customers. This is why it's worth noting the total number of reviews as well. The more reviews a desk has while still maintaining a high score, the better chance you have of getting a product that's worth your hard-earned money.

After you've narrowed your options to the best aggregate scores, you can do a deeper dive by reading the specific reviews for each Rise Up electric adjustable height standing desk. This can give you a much better idea regarding a variety of aspects, including the product's durability, affordability, and ease of use.

Reviews can also give you some valuable information about a brand's customer service. If something goes wrong with your order and a product shows up defective, then it helps to know that the customer service department will do what it takes to make things right.

It's worth seeing if any of the negative reviews have replies from the sellers. This demonstrates that they are willing to acknowledge negative feedback and put the work in to fix it.

Compare and Contrast Prices

Investing in a standing desk shouldn't cost an arm and leg. Shopping for the right product can sometimes consist of a balancing act between the highest quality and the most affordable price. To get a better idea of the cost, it's worth comparing and contrasting the various prices online.

A price that seems too good to be true might, in fact, not be true. You could end up spending more money by going through several cheap desks instead of buying one moderately-priced desk that can last you for many years.

Aside from the retail price itself, there's also the possibility of saving money on extra items or shipping. For instance, some of the best deals on the internet will offer you completely free shipping on your electric desk order.

As if that wasn't good enough, you could even get a deal by adding extra items to your order, such as a wobble stool, a balance board, or even a monitor arm.

If you've never heard of one before, a wobble stool is a type of stool that can give your feet a rest if you've been at your standing desk for a long time. The stool wobbles so that you can still benefit from movement instead of living a sedentary lifestyle at your desk.

A balance board is something that you can stand on while you work at your desk. Like a miniature surfboard, this device can provide many benefits, including boosting your sense of balance and coordination. It can even strengthen your joints.

A monitor arm is yet another tool that can revolutionize your desk set-up. It allows for minute adjustments in the distance between the monitor and your keyboard. Since it's so easy, you can make adjustments as needed throughout the workday.

Consider the Desk's Height

The best adjustable standing desk will depend on the features you're looking for. Most people opt for an electric standing desk because it's seen as the most comprehensive option. It's also the most sophisticated piece of technology when it comes to desks of this type.

An important aspect to consider involves height. Are you unsure what height is right for you? The goal of a standing desk is to let your shoulders relax and ensure your elbows are at a 90-degree angle with your body as you type and surf the internet.

The standard standing desk can go as low as 26 inches off the ground and as high as 51.6 inches.

Find the Highest Quality Materials

Not all electric standing desks are made from the same materials. If you want something that will last for many years, then don't settle for anything less than a laser-cut steel frame. Some manufacturers opt for a plastic frame to save money, but it's easy for this material to break even with normal use.

Aside from the frame material, there's also the question of the desktop. You'll want something that doesn't get scratched up easily and can have enough room for all your belongings. One of the greatest materials on the market is bamboo.

You can find a compact bamboo desk that measures 48 inches by 30 inches. Do you need something larger than that? You'll be glad to know that bamboo desktops can get as large as 60 inches by 30 inches.

Keep in mind that not all bamboo is grown in the same manner. A reputable manufacturer gets quality bamboo from an eco-friendly source. These bamboo desktops are both solid and natural.

If bamboo is a bit too exotic for your tastes, you could also go for a classic wood composite. No matter what material you choose, there's no reason it shouldn't boast a high scratch resistance and a surface that's easy to wipe clean.

Familiarize Yourself With Motor Aspects 

An electric standing desk sets itself apart from other options because it's operated by a motor. While convenient, some desk brands have a noisier motor than others. The last thing you'd want is to get distracted or distract your coworkers as you adjust your desk.

You should ask the manufacturer or the seller how loud the motor is before you make a final decision. The quietest motors on the market produce less than 40 decibels. Anything over 60 decibels, however, might be too much for you and your coworkers to deal with.

Aside from the noise of the motor, there's also the question of the motor type. To get the absolute most out of your electric standing desk, you should look for a dual motor. Not only do these motors last longer, but they can raise and lower the desktop faster.

You might think a faster adjusting speed is more dangerous, but that's not the case. The best electric standing desks incorporate sophisticated anti-collision technology. That way, you don't have to worry about the desk lowering onto an object and crushing it, for instance.

Ease of Assembly

Are you still wondering how to choose an adjustable standing desk? If so, don't forget to look into whether the desk is easy to assemble. You shouldn't have to stay up all night trying to decipher confusing instruction manuals with small print.

The best manufacturers not only give you clear instruction manuals but also give you the tools you need. Instead of going out of your way to buy an Allen wrench, for example, you can rest easy knowing it will come inside the package. In general, you won't need to fuss with any fancy tools.

Instead, you can start by using the Allen wrench to attach the feet of the desk to each leg. The screws also come with the package if you've bought your desk from a reliable vendor. After you attach the legs, the front and back brackets are next.

The brackets support the legs and help hold up the desktop. Don't forget to insert the motor rod onto each spring of the desk base. The next step involves two side brackets that also need attaching.

The wire management basket can hang from either the front bracket of the desk base or the back bracket. It depends on your preference and the number of wires you'll have coming from your computer and other electronics. Instead of screws, you'll insert dowels to push the desktop together, but you'll use the provided screws when attaching it to the base.

Worst case scenario, you could ask a friend or family member to help you out. If you're still having trouble, there are some great apps where you can hire people to assemble furniture for you at a reasonable price. That way, there's no question your desk was assembled correctly.

Return Policy and Warranty

Before you check out and order the desk you need, it's always wise to read their return policy in detail. For example, some vendors only let you return the desk if there's something defective with the product, while others give you more leeway. You can shop with confidence if you know you can return the desk within a certain timeframe even if it's for a personal reason.

The warranty is as important as the return policy if not more so. Even the best desks on the market can end up breaking because of one or more issues. As long as you have a warranty and were using the desk as intended, then you should have buyer's protection you can count on.

When calling in the warranty, they may replace the entire desk or send you a new part. Most vendors offer a few years of warranty and sometimes only offer a year-long warranty. For the greatest peace of mind, it's worth doing business with someone who can provide you with a full, five-year warranty.


While there are plenty of practical benefits of adjustable standing desks, there are also aesthetic benefits. Since you can choose the desk's color, you can make sure it fits well with the rest of your office's design. The feel of an office can make the difference between helping you work or hindering your progress.

This is why aesthetics can end up being as important as other concerns. While the color options depend on the seller, some electric standing desk frame colors include gray, white, and black. These colors often complement many other shades and tones so you don't have to worry too much about picking the right one.

Sometimes it's good to trust your instinct in these cases. Don't forget about the color of the desktop. Aside from white or black, you could go with the natural color and design of wood or bamboo.

Working inside all day can often make us feel disconnected from nature, so a plain wood choice is definitely worth considering. Sometimes the perfect color or design isn't out there. You should feel free to paint the desktop yourself or even put a beautiful placemat on it.

Are You Ready to Invest in an Adjustable Standing Desk?

Now that you've learned all about expert tips on how to choose an adjustable standing desk, you can get the kind that's perfect for your needs. That way, you can reap the benefits of a healthier back and be as productive as possible.

We take pride in offering you the most affordable, useful, and effective ergonomic products on the market. Aside from standing desks, we also stock keyboard trays, active chairs, laptop stands, anti-fatigue mats, and more.

Do you have questions about some of our products? Feel free to contact us. We're always delighted to help out.

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