13 Tips for Using Your First Keyboard Tray

13 Tips for Using Your First Keyboard Tray

The average person needs to be able to type around 40 words per minute at work. This is what most employers would consider a "good" typing speed.

Some professions require people to be able to type 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and sometimes even 100 words per minute. Numbers like that can really add up over the course of a day and make it difficult for people to keep up.

Investing in a keyboard tray might be the key to you being able to type as many words per minute as you need to while you're at work. Keyboard trays have turned into the most important office accessories for those who spend their days typing away.

Would you like to incorporate a keyboard tray into your office setup? If so, there will be many different types of keyboard trays for you to choose from. You should purchase one and begin putting it to good use ASAP.

Here are 13 tips for using your first keyboard tray.

1. Choose the Right Keyboard Tray

As we just alluded to, there won't be any shortage of options when it comes to the types of keyboard trays available. You'll be able to shop around for different kinds of keyboard trays when you're in the market for one.

There are under-desk keyboard trays that you can pull out when you're sitting at your desk and getting ready to work. There are also on-desk keyboard trays that will work well for those who enjoy standing while they work.

You're welcome to buy either of these keyboard trays, and you can even buy both types if you'd like to give yourself some options while you're typing at work. But you should strive to purchase the one that's going to allow you to make the most of using a keyboard tray in the first place.

2. Buy a High-Quality Tray

If you buy a low-quality keyboard tray that's made entirely out of cheap plastic, you're going to have a tough time seeing what all the hype is about as far as keyboard trays are concerned. It might begin to break on you within just a few weeks.

Rather than buying a keyboard tray like this, you should invest in a high-quality one that's going to stand up to whatever you throw at it. This KT1 - Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray would be an ideal solution for anyone who wants an under-desk keyboard tray.

A high-quality keyboard tray is going to stay put when you're using it and provide you with all the ergonomic benefits you need. It'll be an excellent investment from the very beginning. Uncaged Ergonomics sells some of the best keyboard trays available right now.

3. Install a Keyboard Tray Properly

There are some keyboard trays that you won't have to worry about installing. Something like this KT3 Standing Keyboard Stand will sit right on top of your desk and go up and down. You can move it around as you please without having to worry about leaving it in one spot permanently at any point.

But there are also other under-desk keyboard trays that you'll need to install properly. The KT2 - Adjustable Standing Desk Keyboard Tray will fall into the category.

The good news is that installing any of the keyboard trays from Uncaged Ergonomics will be a breeze. As long as you follow the instructions for it, you'll be able to put it into place in no time so that you can start using it right away.

4. Find Where to Put a Keyboard on a Tray

Once you have a keyboard tray either installed under your desk or strategically positioned on top of it, you'll need to find the best place for your keyboard on it. You're going to be able to set your keyboard up wherever you would like on it.

Most people will opt to push their keyboard all the way up to the top of their keyboard tray so that they can rest their wrists on the bottom of it. This will keep your hands and wrists more comfortable as you type and enable you to type more words per minute in many cases.

5. Put a Mouse Next to a Keyboard on a Tray

You're going to be able to fit more than just a keyboard on a tray from Uncaged Ergonomics. You'll also have space for your mouse to go. You should take full advantage of this by positioning your mouse in the right spot next to your keyboard.

With your keyboard and mouse side by side, you'll be able to work your way through emails, reports, and anything else that you might need to type with ease. Your new keyboard tray will change the way you use your entire computer forever.

6. Test Out a Keyboard and Mouse With a Tray

When you have your keyboard and mouse on your new keyboard tray and you're officially ready to start using it, you should test it all out and see how it feels. You should see if your keyboard is too high, too low, or just right.

The beauty of using a keyboard tray is that it'll help you to take control over where your keyboard and mouse sit in relation to your desk. It won't take much effort at all to put your keyboard tray up or down depending on how comfortable it is to use.

7. Adjust a Keyboard Tray Accordingly

In a perfect world, you'll test out your keyboard tray and love how it feels from the start. But if this isn't the case, you shouldn't be shy about making adjustments to it to see if you can make typing feel more comfortable.

You can lift a keyboard tray up or push it down as you see fit. It'll be important for you to customize your keyboard tray to meet your specific needs.

8. Try a Tray Out at Different Angles

You should be able to do more than just put most keyboard trays up and down to adjust them. You should also get the opportunity to change the angle of the tray itself.

You could make the argument that being able to do this is even more important than being able to put a tray up and down. You can relieve a lot of the pressure that you put on your wrists, hands, and even fingers each day by finding the right angle for your keyboard tray.

You should also play around with how your keyboard tray feels when you're sitting in your office chair in different ways. It'll allow you to keep your hands and wrists comfortable regardless of how you might be seated at your desk.

9. Avoid Putting Drinks and/or Food on a Tray

In recent years, surveys have shown that about half of all American office workers eat right at their desks at work rather than going somewhere else to eat. Many of them do this because they don't think they have time to leave their desks during the average workday.

If you're someone who tends to eat a lot of your meals at your desk, you should stop doing this ASAP. It's not good for you, and it's also going to increase your chances of making a mess on your keyboard tray.

You should steer clear of putting drinks and/or food on your keyboard tray. You're going to be more likely to spill them on your keyboard tray if you put them on the tray versus on your desk.

10. Work to Keep a Keyboard Tray Clean

From pretty much the second that you have a keyboard tray installed, you aren't going to be able to keep your hands off it. You're going to fall in love with it and come to appreciate how easy it makes it for you to type while practicing great posture at your desk.

You're going to put your hands on your keyboard tray so often that it's going to get dirty over time. It's why you should make it your mission to keep it clean by wiping it down every few days.

11. Put a Tray Away When It Isn't Being Used

One way to stop your keyboard tray from getting dirty when you aren't using it is by putting it away when you don't need it. You should either slide it under your desk or put it away in a desk drawer to stop dirt, dust, and other debris from attacking it.

You should also put your keyboard tray away because there is a chance it could get broken if you accidentally push down on it too hard. If, for example, you use it to brace yourself while standing up from your desk, you might accidentally do damage to it.

Your best bet will be to keep your keyboard tray stored in a safe place when you're not using your keyboard and/or mouse. It'll ensure that you don't have to be concerned about replacing it ahead of schedule.

12. Keep Replacement Parts for a Tray Handy

A keyboard tray isn't usually going to include too many parts. But there are a few parts that might need to be replaced at some point, especially if you utilize a keyboard tray on a daily basis.

With this in mind, it wouldn't be a bad idea at all to invest in replacement parts for a keyboard tray. They won't cost you much money at all, and it'll be nice to have them around if you ever happen to need them.

You can buy parts for the K1 and K2 keyboard trays that we talked about earlier so that you don't have to scramble for them in case you ever need to use them to fix your keyboard tray.

13. Tell Your Coworkers About Your Keyboard Tray

Your keyboard tray should not be your little secret. Once you start using it and see how awesome it is, you should let all your coworkers know about it. It would be worth encouraging them to buy keyboard trays for themselves so that they can see what all the fuss is about.

You might also want to consider taking things a step further and discussing keyboard trays with your office manager. You might be able to convince them to get your company to buy everyone in your office keyboard trays.

Keyboard trays will help people avoid certain hand and wrist conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome that can make it difficult for them to work. Your company might not mind paying for keyboard trays for this reason. They'll also like the fact that investing in keyboard trays will help them improve company culture by showing how much they care.

Whatever you do, don't keep keyboard trays all to yourself and fail to let other people in your office know about their benefits. It shouldn't be too long before everyone who works in your office is utilizing one and singing its praises.

Need a Keyboard Tray? Order One From Us Today

Now that you know how you can make the most of a keyboard tray, you should be ready to get your hands on one. Uncaged Ergonomics has a large selection of keyboard trays that you can pick from.

We also carry a bunch of other great ergonomic office products, including standing desks, active chairs, anti-fatigue mats, balance boards, and other office options. We would be more than happy to send you all the products you need to make your office setup better than it is now.

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