WorkEZ Light

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WorkEZ Light

The lightest, smallest and most portable WorkEZ model

WorkEZ Light

WorkEZ Light

A simple, lightweight & compact stand that holds laptops, tablets & books in a more comfortable position

Tired of holding your tablet? Prop it up at the perfect angle with WorkEZ Light Stop Hunching! Height adjusts up to 12", putting screens & books at eye-level Stop Squinting! Panel rotates 360 to decrease screen glare

Looking For A Laptop Riser?

  • Cools laptops
  • Adjustable angle
  • Raise screens to eye-level
  • Use with or without a separate keyboard
Looking For A Laptop Riser?

Super Lightweight

Super Lightweight

  • Weighs less than 2lbs!
  • Collapses flat
  • Convenient & portable
  • Fits in larger laptop & carry-on bags

A Perfect Tablet & Book Stand!

  • Works with all tablets, e-readers & books
  • Holds tablets at the optimal viewing angle
  • Comfortably raises materials to eye-level
  • Simple, compact & easy to use
  • Great for reading
A Perfect Tablet & Book Stand!

Simple Lap Desk for Slimmer Folks

Simple Lap Desk for Slimmer Folks

  • Quick setup
  • Cools laptops
  • Rests over your lap
  • Lets you stretch out and get comfortable

Simple to Adjust

  • Press the joint button
  • Rotate to the desired angle
  • Release
Simple to Adjust

Compared to other WorkEZ Models

WorkEZ Light is the smallest, shortest & lightest WorkEZ model

Professional has a wider panel, 3-piece legs & extends taller

Executive is even wider, taller & has the most width between legs

Small, lightweight adjustable height and angle laptop cooling stand. This adjustable height and angle laptop Riser improves your posture when sitting at a desk. The WorkEZ Light laptop cooling stand slips over your lap making a comfortable laptop lap desk for bed or on the couch. This folding, multi functional laptop desk also works as an adjustable height and angle tablet holder, book stand, and monitor Riser.

What are the dimensions, weight, max load, or other specs?

Visit the WorkEZ Lightwebpage and click on the word "SPECS".

Will it hold my laptop/monitor/tablet?

WorkEZ Light supports max loads under 13lbs. In general, it holds most laptops and lighter, flat screen monitors safely. Every device is a little different, so please take some measurements and check the SPECS tab on the WorkEZ Light webpage to ensure compatibility.

Does it work in bed or on the couch as a lap desk?

Yes, WorkEZ Light is a comfortable, simple lap desk (especially for slimmer folks) that safely holds laptops, tablets and books for hands-free viewing.

What prevents my laptop/tablet/book from falling off the panel?

An aluminum, fold-out tab prevents your device from slipping off.

What's the difference between WorkEZ Light and the other models?

WorkEZ Light is the smallest, lightest weight and simplest WorkEZ stand. It only weighs 1.8llbs and has 2 leg segments to simplify setup.

Will it cool my laptop?

Yes. WorkEZ Light has an aluminum panel that naturally dissipates heat to cool laptops.

Type Value
Product weight: 1.8 lbs
Panel size: 14 by 10"
Folded size: 19" by 10" by 2"
Width between legs: 17"
Height range: 0-12"
Max load: 13 lbs
Description: Super lightweight, small & portable. A simple folding stand for laptops, tablets, books.
Sku, color, upc: SKU = WELb / Color = Black / UPC = 661799222907
Sku, color, upc: SKU = WELs / Color = Silver / UPC = 661799222914
Material: Aluminum, ABS

Uncaged workez introduction - ergonomic monitor stand, laptop cooling stand, notebook & book stand

WorkEZ is a series of ergonomic stands such as laptop cooling stand, notebook computer stand & textbook holder stand. This video displays the uses, benefits, and versatility of the WorkEZ Ergonomic Stands from Uncaged Ergonomics. It improves your posture, health, and comfort when computing or reading seated at a desk, standing at a desk, on the couch, and in bed.

Workez tips: how to quickly adjust your workez laptop stand

Here's how you can make adjusting your WorkEZ laptop stand so much easier. With 10+yrs of manufacturing experience, we've learned some tips and tricks about how to make the most of our inventions. Learn more about the full range of WorKEZ Laptop Stands

Workez tips: hold at arms length for a faster, simpler adjustment

With over a decade of experience manufacturing the popular WorKEZ Laptop stands, here's a quick tip about how you can adjust the articulating legs faster. 1. Adjust Leg#1 to your desired position 2. Hold the WorkEZ Laptop Stand at arms-length to "eyeball" the proper alignment of Leg#2