WorkEZ Executive

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WorkEZ Executive:
Ergonomic Laptop Stand & Lap Desk

Use your laptop more comfortably just about anywhere with this adjustable height and tilt laptop stand.

Sitting at a desk

Lying in bed

Lounging on the couch

Like to watch movies in bed?

Executive raises your laptop/tablet off your lap, keeping it cool and adjusts so you don't have to crane your neck to see the screen clearly.

3-Section legs form a stable base

Panel rotates to put screens at the perfect angle

Want the health benefits of standing?

Turn any desk or table into a simple Laptop Standing Desk

Executive extends up to 22"

Burn calories & have more energy

Use a laptop on the couch or chair?

Raise your laptop off your lap!

Stretch your legs, move around and get comfortable

3-section legs are stable on the couch

Aluminum panel keeps your laptop cool

Adjustable Laptop Cooling Stand

Stop hunching! Raise screens to the perfect height

Panel naturally cools laptops

Tilt the panel to decrease glare

Collapsible, Lightweight, Foldable

Not just for laptops...Executive works perfectly
with Monitors, Books & Tablets

Type Value
Weight: 4.4 lbs
Panel size: 18" wide by 10" deep
Folded size: 22" by 11" by 2"
Height range: Adjustable: 0-24"
Width between legs: 21"
Material: Aluminum, ABS
Fits laptops: All common sizes
Max load: 13 lbs
Description: Tallest, widest & most versatile WorkEZ laptop, tablet & reading stand.
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Workez executive overview: ergonomic laptop stand and lap desk works everywhere you do

WorkEZ Executive: our premium adjustable laptop stand and lap desk that works everywhere you do: sitting at a desk, standing, lounging in bed, laying on the couch.

Adjusting workez, adjustable computer stand

WorkEZ Executive is an adjustable laptop stand that works everywhere you do - on the couch, in bed, sitting at a desk and even standing.