Swivel Laptop Stand

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A simple table-top stand that holds laptops in a more comfortable position

  • Quickly adjust the stand to 7 angles
  • Prevent hunching & slouching

  • Raise laptops ~ 2.25" off the desk
  • Dissipate heat to cool laptops
  • Elevate screens to stop hunching

  • Base swivels 360 degrees
  • Easily change the viewing angle or share screen with friends
  • Non-skid feet prevent slippage

  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Super portable

Simple, lightweight adjustable height and angle laptop cooling stand. This cheap desktop laptop riser has a rotating swivel base.

Type Value
Description Simple, lightweight table-top stand for laptops
Product weight 13 oz
Swivels Base rotates 360-degrees
Dimiensions 10.25" (W) X 11" (L) X 1" (T)
Adjustable angle Angle adjusts to 8 settings from 0-16 degrees
Material ABS

Swivel laptop stand introduction an ergonomic adjustable laptop cooling stand

Swivel Laptop Stand is a simple tabletop laptop stand that Swivels 360 degrees, adjusts your laptop viewing angle, elevates screens, and cools laptops. This easy-to-use desktop laptop stand makes viewing screens much more comfortable and convenient. Place the Swivel Laptop Stand on top of any desk or table to reduce screen glare, elevate laptops to prevent hunching, and cool laptops through natural heat dissipation. Swivel laptops with this adjustable laptop stand to share screens and optimize viewing positions. Swivel Laptop Stand is an inexpensive, effective, ergonomic laptop stand. SPECS of this Rotating Laptop Stand: * Adjustable Angle: 7 Angle settings optimize viewing angle and decrease screen glare * Raise Laptops: Elevate laptops up to 2.5 inches to promote better posture and stop hunching * Swivels! Base rotates 360-degrees letting you quickly adjust your viewing angle and share your screen. * Cools Laptops: Promotes passive cooling by elevating laptops off the desk. Simple, affordable and effective - Swivel Laptop Stand is fun, convenient desktop laptop riser.