L-Shaped Corner Standing Desk

L-Shaped Corner Electric Standing Desk

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  • 3 Motors effortlessly lift heavy loads
  • Each section adjusts in width (for right and left corners)
  • Supports a wide range of desktop sizes
  • Memory keypad

Rise Up L Shaped Standing Desk

Create a height adjustable corner standing desk with this L shaped electric standing desk. Memory settings let you flow from sitting to standing with the push of a button. The spacious corner standing desk helps you stay organized and clutter-free by raising and lowering your entire worksurface to the optimal height. Three motors in this L-shaped electric standing desk do the heavy lifting and each section is width-adjustable to accommodate a range of desktop sizes.

L-shaped Table

Recommended Desktop Sizes

The following are suggested dimensions for any desktop used with this desk frame:







Height Range

27.5” to 47”

Main Frame Length

41.3” to 70.8”

Return Frame Length

42.5” to 70.8”

Foot Dimensions

26.7” to 0.9”

Lift Speed

1.5” per second

Weight Capacity

330 lbs

Zen Workspace: L Shaped Standing Desk

Uncaged Ergonomics’ 3-motor corner standing desk raises and lowers your entire worksurface to the most comfortable height. Memory settings on this standing corner desk let you effortlessly glide from sitting to standing with the single press of a button. Each section of this L Shaped Standing Desk is adjustable in width to accommodate a range of desktop sizes. Packed with all the features you need and no fluff, this affordable l shaped standing desk can create a spacious, healthy computer workstation.

Each section of the electric corner standing desk is adjustable in width. Purchase just the electric corner standing desk frame and bring your own desktop for a custom workstation or choose from a variety of desktop options. All desktop options we provide for this corner standing desk are 2-piece, rectangular in design so there is a seam between the two desktop sections.


Type Value
Type :: Corner Standing Desk Frame
Shape:: L-Shaped
Item length:: 52.4"-100"
Features:: Adjustable Height
Material:: Steel
Maximum width:: 70.9”
Minimum width:: 51.4"
Product warranty:: 3 Years
Item height:: 27.5”-47"
Assembly required:: Yes
Required tools:: None
Speed: A fast, smooth & even 32 mm/s
Lifting capacity: 350 lbs.