Computer Monitor Arm

Ergonomic Single Monitor Arm with USB Ports

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  • Improve Your Posture
  • Raise, Tilt, Swivel & Pan Screens
  • 2 USB Ports Power Accessories
  • Both Universal C-Clamp & Grommet Mounts Included

Computer Monitor Arm

Our monitor arm is designed for simplicity. It's fast to install and easy to use. The mount holds most common monitors, and the included quick-adjust tension spring fine-tunes the ease of adjustment to your liking.


Weight Capacity

Max 27”

Screen Size


Compatible VESA


Perfectly Positions Monitors At The Optimal Viewing Angle

Swivel, pan, tilt and raise monitors to a position that's right for you.


Simple screw-clamp securely connects to your desk.

User Benefits

Arm articulates from desk level up to approx. 18" (from desk to the mount).


Easily adjust the spring tension to comfortably hold a variety of monitor weights.

Adjustable LCD & Computer Monitor Arm W/Universal Mount & USB Ports

This ergonomic, adjustable LCD Monitor Arm is perfect for a standing desk. The monitor arm has a universal mount to hold most monitors. It is a completely adjustable computer monitor arm, letting you raise, swivel, tilt, and pan monitors to the best viewing position. The best standing desk monitor arm lets you independently adjust the position of your computer monitor for optimal ergonomics.

Optimize Your Ergonomics with a Computer Monitor Mount

Enhance your comfort with this adjustable single monitor arm. Elevate screens to eye level for better posture. The universal mount fits most modern screens and allows swivel, pan, tilt, and height adjustments. Secure it to your desk with the included C clamp or grommet clamp, freeing up desk space for a tidy, organized work area.

Sparks Productivity

A Must-Have Standing Desk Accessory

A single computer monitor mount makes an excellent standing desk accessory. Using a computer monitor arm to hold screens at eye level allows proper separation between your monitor and keyboard; especially if your keyboard is placed on top of your desk. In general, proper typing ergonomics is approximately defined as positioning computer monitors at eye level and keyboards at elbow height. It is much easier to work in an ergonomically correct posture when using a computer monitor mount.

Improve Workflow with an Adjustable Single Monitor Arm

Besides improving your posture and decluttering your desk, a computer monitor mount Can help increase work efficiency. This is especially true if you're working on long documents or spreadsheets. With an adjustable single monitor arm, you can quickly rotate your screen to work in either landscape or portrait view. The easy ability to quickly adjust the height or rotate your screen with a computer monitor arm can stimulate workflow and efficiency by helping to minimize clicking and page scroll.

Sparks Productivity

How do I adjust the height?

Grasp both sides of the top panel, squeeze the lever on the right side, adjust the height to your desired setting, release the lever and lock the panel in place. It takes seconds to change your workspace height.

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Type Value
Description: Adjustable monitor arm with universal mount to raise, swivel, tilt, pan monitors to the best viewing position.
How does it mount to your desk?: An included screw clamp securely connects the monitor mount to your desk.
Max height: ~ 18" from the desk to the center of the mount
Compatible monitor weight: 4.4-15.4 lbs
Compatible monitor size: 17 - 27 inches
Features: Adjustable tension knob to hold various weight monitors
Material: Metal

How to assemble uncaged ergonomics' single computer monitor arm mount

Here's how to assemble Uncaged Ergonomics' single computer monitor arm.