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Woman adjusting a tall standing desk converter for laptops and single monitors

Enjoy the health, energy, and productivity benefits of standing throughout the workday with our patented CHANGEdesk. Quick and easy height adjustment lets you switch positions in seconds, bringing your monitor and keyboard to the perfect ergonomic height. HUGE adjustable height range (from 4.5" collapsed all the way up to 21.5") comfortably fits people up to 6'5". No installation required.

What Separates CHANGEdesk from the Competition?

  • HUGE HEIGHT RANGE: from 4.5" to 21.5" = no more hunching + no extra monitor risers needed.
  • ADJUSTABLE KEYBOARD TRAY: Distance between your keyboard and monitor is adjustable, as it should be.
  • VERTICAL ADJUSTMENT: CHANGEdesk moves straight up and down. No forward/awkward movements
  • COMPACT: CHANGEdesk gives you the ability to sit or stand with ease and doesn't cluster your desk

How It Works:

  • No installation required; simply place on top of your existing work surface.
  • Smooth, fast, spring-assisted height adjustment. Just squeeze the lever and raise/lower CHANGEdesk.
  • HUGE adjustable height range (4.5-21.5") - we go lower and extend taller for better ergonomics!
  • 5 height settings accommodate users up to ~6'5"
  • Integrated, adjustable keyboard tray (no, it's not fixed!)
  • Ambidextrous mouse pad (for righties & lefties)
  • USA & foreign patents pending
A tall standing desk converter with a man working at a standing desk
Height adjustable standing desk converter with a tall adjustable height range and ergonomic keyboard tray


  • Holds single monitors, iMacs & 2 monitors up to 21" (under 30lbs)
  • Huge height range - raises your monitor to 5 positions from 4" to 21.5"
  • Large, premium quality top panel (27.5"x19.5")


If you're looking for all the benefits of an adjustable height desk at a price that doesn't break the bank, CHANGEdesk is the perfect option. With smooth and easy height adjustment, hefty weight capacity, and an adjustable keyboard tray, CHANGEdesk provides a premium quality and design at an affordable price. CHANGEdesk is the ideal standing desk conversion for anyone looking to improve their posture and create an "active" desk environment without breaking the bank.

A compact standing desk converter designed for smaller spaces and taller individuals. CHANGEdesk extends taller and collapses lower than most standing desk risers. It’s an easy to use, tall, affordable, compact sit/stand riser for desktop and laptop computers. Move between sitting and standing in seconds with a quick and easy spring-assisted adjustment. No installation. Now with an adjustable-height keyboard tray.

How do I raise and lower CHANGEdesk?

Adjusting your CHANGEdesk is quick and easy. Simply squeeze the lever to release the locking mechanism, raise or lower to your desired height, and release the lever. CHANGEdesk will lock in place.

Do I need to assemble or install CHANGEdesk?

CHANGEdesk ships requires no installation! CHANGEdesk is mostly assembled, you'll only need to screw the keyboard tray to the top panel. Just place it on top of your existing work surface and you're ready to sit, stand and move throughout the day.

Can I use CHANGEdesk on a small worksurface?

YES! CHANGEdesk has a compact footprint and fits in spaces as small as 26x18"

Is CHANGEdesk easily portable?

YES! Weighing only ~30lbs, you can easily move CHANGEdesk from desk to desk, making it perfect for a shared working space.

If there a left-handed mouse platform?

Yes. The mouse platform is ambidextrous and can be quickly mounted on the right or left side.

What are the dimensions, weight, max load, or other technical details?

Click on the SPECS tab on the CHANGEdesk webpage

Will CHANGEdesk hold my monitor?

CHANGEdesk is designed to hold single monitors, dual monitors (up to 21”), and iMacs weighing under 30lbs.

CHANGEdesk’s top panel is 19.5 by 27.5”. If you have large monitors, please measure the space you need to ensure compatibility.

I have a heavy monitor. Will CHANGEdesk work for me?

CHANGEdesk holds monitors weighing up to 30lbs. CHANGEdesk holds single moniotors, dual monitors (up to 21"), and iMacs. If you have a heavier monitor, please check out ELECTRIC CHANGEdesk - a similar product with an all-electric adjustment ... no lifting required!

Can I use CHANGEdesk with dual (2) monitors?

YES! CHANGEdesk's top panel measures 19.5 by 27.5" and can hold two monitors up to 21" in size. If you're unsure whether your dual monitors will fit, please measuer or contact us for assistance!

Do you ship to Canada or another foreign country?

a. Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping costs are automatically calculated at checkout.

How does it adjust?

1. Squeeze the lever on the panel’s right side to release the locking mechanism.
 2. Raise/lower the top panel to your desired height.
 3. Release the lever, lock the panel in place and the let go.

What is the middle shelf for?

The middle shelf adds stability and is a great place to put documents and other desk items when standing. All items should be removed from the middle and lower shelves before lowering CHANGEdesk.

Type Value
Description: Move Between Sitting & Standing in SECONDS! Quick & Easy Adjustment. No Installation. For Laptops & Desktops. NEW! Adjustable-height keyboard tray
* top panel size: 20 x 28"
* middle panel size: 18" x 25.25"
* bottom panel size: 18" x 25.25"
* keyboard tray dimensions: 23.75 x 6.5"
Min height (to the top panel): 4"
Max height (to the top panel): 21.25"
# height settings (top panel): 5 [4.1, 10, 15.4, 18.75, 21.25 inches]
Heights of middle panel: 2.5, 5.3, 8.0, 9.75, 10.75 inches
Product weight: 22 lbs
Weight capacity: 30 lbs
Footprint (amount of desk space needed): 18" x 25.25"
* mouse pad dimensions: 7" x 6.6"
* material: High Strength Steel & Premium Laminate
Will changedesk hold my monitor?: Compatible with single monitors + iMacs + 2 Monitors (<22") weighing <30lbs
User height range: Generally works for people up to 6'5" (depending on existing desk height)
Sku, color, upc: SKU = CDM / Color = Black / UPC = 820103873260

Changedesk assembly instructions - tall, compact, affordable standing desk converter

Assembly instructions for Uncaged Ergonomics' patented CHANGEdesk Standing Desk Converter. This unique standing desk riser is engineered to extend taller in less desk space and features both a fixed-height and adjustable-height keyboard tray.

Changedesk tall affordable adjustable height standing desk conversion for desktop computers

CHANGEdesk: a gas-spring assisted standing desk converter that extends taller and collapses lower in an incredibly compact footprint that won't cluster your desk...

Changedesk overview: tall affordable adjustable height standing desk conversion for laptop computers

CHANGEdesk: a gas-spring assisted standing desk converter that extends taller and collapses lower in an incredibly compact footprint that won't cluster your desk.

Changedesk overview: a tall stand up desk converter compact standing desk riser

CHANGEdesk is a tall standing desk converter engineered to extend higher in less desk space. The compact design of this stand up desk riser won't cluster your workspace, folds almost flat and raises screens to eye-level for virtually everyone.

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Kathleen C.
United States United States

Adjustable standing desk

I like the desk a lot — my only complaint is that it can be a little rough getting it to engage and move and lift once it is flattened. I have to pull on it pretty hard to get it to release and then it kinda jumps up. Its not smooth. Like the design and the space it affords for computer, montior, keyboard and space for papers and such.

Mark A.
United States United States

Well-designed. Well-built. Just perfect for my needs.

Solid, intelligently designed, mechanical not electric (who needs another thing to plug in and another component to go bad?). Thanks for building this at a reasonable price point. Also, the instructions need updating, but the office is very responsive to questions and can send directions/diagrams upon request for keyboard tray.

United States United States

Great Adjustable Standing Desk

My employees really like this adjustable desk. I have two people that use it on different shifts. One person sits down most of the day while the other prefers to stand. The original desk I received was damaged during the shipping process, but I got a free replacement with no questions asked. I’m very pleased with the product and customer service!

Tom D.
Canada Canada

Adjustable Height Standing Desk

I really like it.

Lore M.
United States United States

Good, Cost-Effective Product, Some Flaws

Over all, this is a good product, especially for budget-driven applications. It does have some flaws. The first flaw I encountered was that the keyboard tray assembly was not as described in the instructions - the hardware was completely different. I was able to get the correct instructions emailed to me after contacting uncaged ergonomics, but I would expect to receive correct instructions with the product. The keyboard tray turned out to be a little clunky, but serviceable. The other flaw involves the raising and lowering of the desk itself. It's not as smooth as presented on the promotional video, it does not lock into place easily, and will only lock into place at certain pre-set heights. This characteristic is not mentioned anywhere in the instructions or the promotional literature, at last that I saw. The impression given by the promotional video is that it raises and lowers smoothly and will lock into place at any height needed. Also (and this isn't really a flaw, just a curiosity), I received two additional pieces of hardware (brackets?) that don't seem to have any purpose and aren't mentioned in the instructions. Over all, this is a good alternative to the other, very expensive standing desks on the market, but it could use a little refinement in some areas.