WorkEZ Standing Desk’s NEW Eco-Friendly Packaging

WorkEZ Standing Desk’s NEW Eco-Friendly Packaging

Uncaged Ergonomics designs, manufactures and delivers our ergonomic office products to customers throughout the USA and across the globe. As both the number of products we offer and sales volume have grown, so has the amount of waste. Recognizing that we can make a difference, for 2016, we’re working to accomplish two main packaging objectives:

  1. Reduce the total amount of packaging materials used
  2. Reduce/eliminate the amount of non-recyclable packaging materials

Our first implementation of these resolutions was to overhaul the WorkEZ Standing Desk’s packaging, which originally consisted of each individual piece wrapped in a plastic bag + foam corner protectors + individual cardboard protectors + outer cardboard carton. Working with a team of packaging engineers, we were able maintain the current level of packaging protection while decreasing the total amount of materials used and virtually eliminating the use of non-recyclable materials (foam & plastic).

The results include:

  1. Decreased total packaging size by ~10%
  2. Decreased total packaging weight by ~10%
  3. Eliminated the use of all plastic materials (except 1 small bag to hold components)
  4. Created a ~100% recyclable package by using recyclable cardboard 
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