WOBBLE STOOL: The Seat Isn't Comfortable!!

WOBBLE STOOL: The Seat Isn't Comfortable!!

Wobble Stool was designed to be a seating option that lets you incorporate more movement throughout your daily life. We understand some customer reviews may indicate that the seat on the Wobble Stool is not as comfortable as a lazy-boy. We’re writing this post to address these concerns.

First, Uncaged Ergonomics respects and appreciates all customer reviews, feedback and critiques. We take your suggestions to heart and work to incorporate them into our business and product revisions. In response to your feedback, we’ve made the Wobble Stool’s seat plusher by increasing seat’s cushioning thickness and density. Since making this product improvement in late 2014, customer feedback and reviews indicate that revising the seat was welcomed and successfully increased Wobble Stool’s comfort.

Second, we agree that the Wobble Stool is not and ideal place to spend hours sitting stationary – it isn’t a couch & we probably shouldn’t be sitting for hours on end anyway. Listening to the research studies suggesting that humans need to sit less during the day, we designed Wobble Stool to encourage movement and to compliment standing desks. Paraphrasing one customer’s review: if you begin to feel fatigued sitting on the Wobble Stool, it probably means that you’ve been sitting too long and should stand up, move around and give sitting a rest for a while …. We agree!

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