Why You Should Use a Contoured Standing Desk Mat at Your Workspace

Why You Should Use a Contoured Standing Desk Mat at Your Workspace

There are both advantages and disadvantages of standing desks. To enjoy the advantages to the max, you need a standing desk mat.

You may be satisfied with your standing desk and enjoying standing while getting your work done.

But, what if you learned that you could take your standing desk situation from good to perfect?

Check out more below on why you need to upgrade to a contoured standing desk mat to take your desk-based experience to the next level.

Benefits of Standing Desks

There are many benefits of standing desks.

These include improved health, such as the lower risk of developing obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. People who work at standing desks are even more likely to live longer.

You also reduce your risk of injury at work, improve your posture and put yourself in a better mood. Standing desks have even been linked with greater productivity.

However, there are also risks of standing desks! You can alleviate the downsides of standing desks with a contoured standing desk mat.

1. Avoid Fatigue

The health benefits of standing at your desk outweigh the risks. Sitting down for the entire day causes you a bunch of health problems.

And yet, you probably won't experience muscle fatigue in the same way as standing up at your desk for long periods.

However, you can significantly reduce the effects of fatigue with a standing desk mat. This comfortable surface to stand can help you to relax.

When you upgrade to the contoured mats, you'll have a much thicker surface to stand on compared with the cheaper options.

2. Stretch Your Legs

When you're standing up in the office, you're working your leg muscles a lot more. This really strengthens your legs.

However, that also means you need to stretch and flex your leg muscles. On the contoured desk mat, you can effectively stretch your calves without breaking from work.

3. Massage Your Feet

Standing on your feet for most of the day can leave the bottoms in aching without a mat.

You know that you're doing the right thing for your health. Sitting at a desk all day has been described as the "new smoking."

Nonetheless, it's important to get your hands on a contoured mat to massage your feet while standing. The mat gently softens the impact on the pressure points in your feet.

4. Continuous Dynamic Movements

The answer to a physically active lifestyle doesn't have to start at the gym. You need to integrate moving more into your workplace as well.

Standing desks can be active workstations whereby you're continuously moving while you're working on your computer or managing paperwork.

Keeping the blood flowing around your body has been linked with cell growth and healthier skin. Just keep your legs and arms moving around with a mat.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Standing Desk Mat

The benefits of using a standing desk are huge. However, you can only enjoy the benefits without the costs with a standing desk mat.

Do you want to know more about the standing desk accessories you need to enjoy maximum comfort? Check out our blog post for more!

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