Why You Should Upgrade Your Ergonomic Setup With a Wobble Stool

Why You Should Upgrade Your Ergonomic Setup With a Wobble Stool

Inactive sitting jobs may be hazardous to your health. So, says a study by Kansas State University. Being physically active means that you are more likely to avoid chronic diseases.

Worried that your lengthy sitting time is impacting your long-term health? Improve your work life with a wobble stool today!

What's a Wobble Stool?

A wobble stool is a chair that looks like a bar stool but with an important difference. It tilts, moves and swivels. It encourages you to move around so you change the muscles you are using.

The rounded base keeps contact with the floor but it lets you rock back and forward. It's weighted so it easily returns to a vertical position. It encourages you to move while you work.

The chair is height adjustable. There are two seat options. A triangular saddle style or a round cushioned style.

How can a wobble stool improve your work life?

Better Core Strength

Because the wobble stool encourages you to move, it keeps exercising your core muscles. Core muscle strength provides support to your back. Back pain is a common workplace problem and so exercising your core muscles may prove to be a preventative measure.

Improve Your Posture

Improving your stability by exercising your core also helps you with your posture. Without a back or arms to support you, the wobble stool encourages you to sit up straight. This is helpful in correcting a slouch.

The height adjustability means you can work at the correct height for safe workstation operation. Alignment of the head, neck, back, and hips reduces strains and aches caused by bad posture.


Sophisticated ergonomic chairs usually come with sophisticated price tags. Complicated engineering doesn't come cheap.

The wobble chair uses a simple design. It is effective, and, at the same time, it's also inexpensive.


The wobble stool is flexible. It is adaptable to the way you work. If you need to get up from your conventional workstation and work at a standing desk, a simple height adjustment means you can use the same chair.

The wobble stool spins and moves easily so you can change your position to work at a different workstation or at a table.

Don't Be Dull

The wobble stool is a lot more fun than a conventional office chair. It looks different and feels very different to use. If you like to break out of the conventional mold in other aspects of your life, you'll love the wobble stool.

The wobble stool comes in cool black but also in bright red or blue. Some offices are frankly, conventional and dull. The wobble stool is far from that.

The wobble stool's not just good for you physically. It's fun to use and so lifts your spirits too. Feeling good physically and mentally means you can be more productive and happier at work.

Why Not Wobble?

The case for the wobble stool is strong enough to give it a try. You might find it changes the way you think about your work. Keep moving, have fun and wobble.

Find out more about the wobble stool.

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