Why You Should Buy an Anti-Fatigue Mat for Your Standing Desk

Why You Should Buy an Anti-Fatigue Mat for Your Standing Desk

Construction and factory workers wear personal protective equipment (PPE) like hard hats, safety glasses, and back belts to help protect them from harm while working. Ergonomic tools for these workers are designed to reduce or prevent repetitive stress injuries, awkward gripping positions, excessive bending or stooping, exposure to excessive vibration, and more. As standing desks become more popular in the workplace, ergonomics have moved to the front of many people’s minds; after all, one aim of ergonomics is to help reduce accidents and injuries.

Only recently has ergonomics for office been highly prioritized, as it had been reserved for those with what was thought to be physically taxing occupations. Today, studies point to the need to add physical activity into the workday are widespread. One way to increase physical movement during the workday is to use a standing desk, but the feet, legs, and lower back can feel stressed and tired after several hours of standing. An anti-fatigue standing desk floor mat can help combat this fatigue.

Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

Standing while working is great for adding physical activity into your day, but your feet, legs, and lower back may ache and even swell when you stand—and you can help combat this fatigue with an anti-fatigue standing desk floor mat. Many experts recommend the use of anti-fatigue mats, including the National Safety Council, along with a variety of safety engineers, ergonomists, risk managers, occupational nurses, industrial hygienists, and loss control agents. The right anti-fatigue mat can help ease discomfort, promote a healthier workplace, and can help everyone feel more energetic at work.

The Active Standing Desk Mat has a contoured surface that has been specifically engineered to encourage movement and stretching while standing. Its other features include:

Promoting more movement than standing alone

The Active Standing Mat has surface that was deliberately designed to not be flat. The sloped surface and massage ball encourage you to change position, while enabling you to stretch your calves and massage your feet. The uneven terrain of the mat drives frequent movement, to keep the blood pumping throughout your legs.

Preventing fatigue with a cushioned surface

The Active Standing Desk Mat is manufactured with premium, high-density molded foam that’s much thicker than most of the “cheap” mats being sold today. This anti-fatigue standing desk mat provides excellent cushioning that you can feel the moment you step on it.

Reducing the impact on your joints while standing

The highly cushioned surface and sloped sidewalls of this standing desk floor mat let you stretch your calves, elevate one or both feet, and comfortably stand with a wider stance. When you stand in the same position for too long, your joints can feel temporarily stuck. Over time, this can lead to tendon and ligament damage, and can cause soft tissue injuries.

Preventing posture problems

It really is easier to keep a proper, straight posture without slouching when standing instead of sitting. A comfortable anti-fatigue mat helps you maintain the healthiest posture, thanks to the balance being evenly spread on both your feet and the firm support for your legs and spine. Whether you are doing the dishes or cooking, you can now feel comfortable while standing properly.

Lowering energetic costs of work

Passive work like doing the dishes or peeling vegetables can turn out to be really tiring when you do it standing—it all comes down to how much energy your body needs to use to keep you on your feet. Your energy levels dip lower and lower over the time, eventually causing different kinds of pain and forcing you to take a break. With an anti-fatigue mat, your body doesn’t work as hard. You can stand for longer and work for longer while feeling less tired.

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