Why You Need an Ergonomic Keyboard Riser at Your Standing Set-Up

Why You Need an Ergonomic Keyboard Riser at Your Standing Set-Up

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a crucial cause for work-related injury and absenteeism. Workers who perform data-entry assignments need alternative solutions. Solutions that reduce the risk of incapacity.

All the more reason to consider an ergonomic keyboard riser at your standing set up.

The right type of furniture in the office benefits both customers and employees. It sets the stage for safety, comfort, and productivity. Not to mention, a tranquil work area is a motivator to perform above expectations.

If you're looking for ways to optimize your workspace setting, check out this option. Find out why you need a keyboard riser at your desk for standing possibilities.

A Keyboard Riser Protects Against Discomfort and Injury

Sitting at a desk with your keyboard at an awkward angle sets the stage for pain and injuries. Height matters as well, seeing every person has a different physical disposition.

Someone with a six-foot frame needs more space than a person of smaller proportion.

Having the right type of keyboard prevents injury to the pressure points in your hands. That same pain extends to the arms when you sit in a constant uncomfortable position.

Ergonomic keyboards adjust to provide comfort where you need it.

Adjustability and Positioning

The average worker sits lows with their hands and arms resting on a desk with a fixed height. The keyboard rests square in the center, leaving you positioned at a harmful angle.

A riser allows you to configure the height and angle of your keyboard to suit your comfort level.

Some also pivot to save you from adjusting your chair or leaning towards your desk. The best part is that it doesn't leave out your mouse. The tray leaves room for the mouse to adjust along with the keyboard.

If you need a lower setting, you can lower the riser to your lap without rearranging your entire desk. Your eyes, arms, and body remain at a safe degree and productivity persists.

You're Allowed to Stand

Most office jobs require sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Sedentary work lends to several health issues—anxiety, diabetes, and heart disease.

The major benefit of a rising keyboard tray is your allowed to stand.

While you're standing the angle and position of the keyboard remain at a safe angle. You won't need to lean or bend to type or move your mouse.

The best part is you still have a perfect line of vision to your computer. So no straining your eyes to see the computer screen.

Having the option to stand keeps you healthy. Plus, a flexible workspace increases the pace at which work. And, the efficiency of how you work improves.

Go Ergo

Whether at a register, desk or in a lab, an ergonomic keyboard riser helps streamline the way you work.

Protect your health. Consider upgrading the space you work in and watch your productivity soar.

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