Why you need a monitor arm with VESA mount for your standing desk

Why you need a monitor arm with VESA mount for your standing desk

The positioning of your monitor is crucial to creating a healthy, ergonomic workspace. Too often screens are too near, too far, or too low, and not facing us directly. This results in headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain. A monitor that is too low will cause you to bend your neck and hold it in uncomfortable positions, and one placed too far away makes you lean in, causing you to hunch your shoulders.

monitor arm will alleviate these issues. Consider using a computer monitor arm desk mount. You can use a standing desk monitor arm on nearly any kind of desk-including a height adjustable electric sit-to-stand desk. Attaching your LCD monitor to an articulating arm allows you to adjust the height, tilt, pivot, and rotation of the monitor to reach a comfortable ergonomic position. This will increase your efficiency and productivity in your workplace—and it will also keep your desk organized.

VESA is the Video Electronics Standards Association. VESA compliance means the rear of your monitor features a standard hole pattern used for mounting and ease of attachment purposes. A VESA hole pattern is measured both horizontally and vertically between mounting holes. For example, the most common mounting hole pattern for monitors less than 30 pounds is either 100 ´ 100 mm or 75 ´ 75 mm (VESA 75 x 75). Ensure your adjustable monitor arm VESA mount is compliant with these standards. 

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