Why You Need a Keyboard Tray for Your Standing Desk

Why You Need a Keyboard Tray for Your Standing Desk

Are you thinking about using a keyboard tray with your standing desk?

Keyboard trays are one of many ergonomic additions you can make to your office.

Ergonomic furniture is designed to maximize your comfort and physical alignment during the workday.

In fact, bringing ergonomically designed furniture into your office can drastically improve work performance. It can even prevent against injury!

If you've been using a standing desk, your next step should be to invest in a keyboard tray. Read on to learn more about the benefits this piece of furniture can offer you!

1. Choose Your Custom Height

Ergonomic office furniture is designed with your comfort in mind. Most generic office furniture isn't necessarily customizable to the needs of its users.

Even adjustable office chairs and tables may be customizable only to a certain extent.

However, ergonomic furniture like keyboard trays and standing desks can be adjusted to suit your exact needs. With a keyboard tray, you can adjust the tray to any height or angle that works for you.

This can be especially ideal if you are a not of an average height. Most office desks in the U.S.A. have standard heights of thirty inches. However, this may not be a comfortable height for some individuals!

No matter how tall you are, keyboard trays can be adjusted accordingly. You can also use keyboard trays with sitting and standing desks, making them a flexible addition to your office lineup.

You can find your ideal desk height on your own. Find out how here.

2. Reduce the Risk of Wrist Injury

In this digital age, it's nearly impossible to work in an office without using a computer. Even if you perform hands-on work that doesn't require sitting in front of a screen, you likely engage with computers during your off-hours.

Sustained use of keyboards can actually be taxing on our wrists and forearms. This is particularly the case if you spend eight hours a day (at least) typing away.

Extended typing exposure can lead to injuries like carpal tunnel, a syndrome that results from a pinched nerve in the wrist. Carpal tunnel can be difficult to treat and it can last for quite some time.

When you use a keyboard tray, you can adjust the angle of the tray in order to reduce the risk of wrist injury.

In general, keyboard trays can encourage users to hold their wrists in a 'negative' position, one that is less likely to bring injury. 'Positive' hand positions are actually more likely to be taxing on ligaments and nerves.

3. Position Your Arms Properly

Think about the typical posture you take up when you work at your computer.

Most of us like to rest our palms on the bottom of the keyboard. We also likely prefer to keep our elbows away from our sides to avoid a pinched feeling in the ribs.

Keyboard trays can enable you to position your arms comfortably and properly. You'll be able to rest your palms comfortably in order to prevent against wrist and hand fatigue.

What's more, a keyboard tray's adjustable height can help you hold your arms at a ninety-degree angle--one that is more suited to proper computer use.

4. Automatically Gain More Desk Surface Area

Most keyboard trays attach to existing desks.

This means that your keyboard and your mouse won't be taking up actual space on your desk surface. They will get a space entirely to themselves.

This can be a lifesaver for office workers who struggle to maintain clean desk surfaces. Now you'll have more space to keep those sticky notes, pressing documents, and jars of pens!

Plus, studies show cluttered workspaces can actually lead to inefficiency. It makes sense--it can be tough to find the motivation to get to work when you face a messy desk!

Invest in a keyboard tray in order to get some breathing room on your desk. You may even find yourself becoming more productive in the meantime!

5. Maximize the Benefits of Standing Desks

Keyboard trays are best used in conjunction with standing desks. Standing desks are another type of ergonomic furniture.

Standing desks are essential when it comes to an ergonomic office. They can first and foremost protect against sedentary disease, a condition brought on by too much sitting (often in professional environments).

These desks can get you up and on your feet, boosting energy and efficiency. They can also reduce clutter in your actual office space and give your spine a chance to stretch!

Keyboard trays are a great addition to any standing desk. They can prevent against standing fatigue by addressing arm and wrist comfort.

What's more, keyboard trays are even more customizable when you work at a standing desk--simply because you have so much more room to work with when you are standing as opposed to sitting!

Maximize the benefits of your standing desk by bringing a keyboard tray on board.

6. Accommodate Any Keyboard & Desk

Keyboard trays aren't limited in the type of mouse and keyboard they accommodate. Both Mac and PC users are apt to find a keyboard tray that they love.

In fact, you can choose from a variety of trays to suit your keyboard's size and design. Each tray will be large enough to make room for both a board and a mouse.

Don't worry about a complicated setup, either. Most keyboard trays are easily affixed to existing desks, and they can be applied to virtually any office surface.

Final Thoughts: Why You Need a Keyboard Tray

Keyboard trays are one of many pieces of ergonomic furniture designed to make your office more comfortable and efficient. They are an excellent complement to standing desks.

Most importantly, they can prevent against wrist injury due to their customizable height and angle. The right keyboard tray can promote appropriate posture and arm position to safeguard against discomfort.

At Uncaged Ergonomics, we are your ultimate resource when it comes to making your office space more ergonomic. From active chairs to standing desks, we have it all.

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