Why the STASH Chair is the Perfect Kids Chair

Why the STASH Chair is the Perfect Kids Chair

With their hectic school and extracurricular activities schedule, pediatricians are recommending that kids—including very young ones—should get enough downtime to help them wind down and relax. One of the ways you can help your own child do so is by giving them a comfy chair of their own that they can use for reading and watching movies with the family.

This is where the STASH mini kids sofa chair comes in. This multi-functional, lightweight chair was designed with both kids and parents in mind and is sure to become your child's favorite chair. Here's a list of reasons why this kids chair is so special.

It's Sized Just Right For Young Kids

Toddlers and kindergarten-age children love this chair because it's sized perfectly for them. Instead of trying to curl up on an adult-sized chair or sofa, they'll find the STASH chair gives them proper back support and is the right height from the floor. This makes it easy for them to sit down in it and get up.

The STASH chair is also an example of an active sitting chair, a seat that helps increase blood flow and alertness.

It Features Hidden Storage

If you're a parent, you know that you can never have too much storage space for kids' items. The STASH chair's sneaky storage holds toys, books, art supplies, or anything else your child enjoys using while sitting in the chair. It also teaches them responsibility, as they will enjoy tucking their possessions away in the chair for safekeeping and to keep the area tidy.

It's Lightweight and Mobile

At only 21 pounds, the STASH chair is easy for parents to move from room to room. Children enjoy using the chair in multiple areas of the home such as their bedroom, the family room, and even outdoors.

It's Convertible

Fold the back forward, and the chair converts into a compact ottoman. This makes it easier to tuck away into a storage area when not in use. It may also spark your child's imagination as the ottoman is sturdy enough for them to sit or stand on and use in creative ways.

You can also fold the back of the STASH chair towards the rear to create a seat that your child can lay down on—perfect for napping!

It Has a Clean, Modern Design

The STASH chair's sleek design fits in nicely with any home interior. It also comes in three colors—pirate black, navy blue, and princess pink—to match your child's preference and your home's style.

Shop For This Kids Chair and Our Other Ergonomic Products

This remarkable kids chair offers several benefits and is sure to be a big hit with your child. Here at Uncaged Ergonomics we're all about providing seating and office products that are better for your family's posture and health.

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