Why Buy an Adjustable Height Desk Frame Only?

Why Buy an Adjustable Height Desk Frame Only?

You’ve been hearing about how height adjustable sit-to-stand desks can help prevent fatigue and increase productivity. And you’ve decided to purchase an adjustable height standing desk. Is it going to easily fit into your current décor or is it going to become an eyesore? What do you do when none of the choices you’ve seen so far are what you’ve really been looking for?

Consider buying a stand up desk base frame. A height adjustable lifting desk frame allows you to switch from sitting to standing. A height-adjustable desk base will let you to build your own desk the way you like it—so it looks like you want it to. It is easy and affordable to customize your sit-stand workstation to meet your dream desk needs—from its height to its color and finish.

Customize Your Desktop

No matter what you use your workstation for, you want a sturdy surface. Look for a sturdy and stable work surface that will hold everything you need on your desktop. A wide variety of desktop options that may include laminate, veneer, solid bamboo, and even reclaimed and exotic woods, are available from most manufacturers. Depending on your preference for budget versus upscale appearance, the price for height adjustable standing desks with laminate tops will be lower than solid wood or other natural options; however.

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Although you can find a variety of options for the desktop’s surface, not all of them are eco-friendly—especially the composite wood options. MDF, veneer, and other composite wood materials are less expensive than solid-wood desktops and are available in a variety of colors. Laminate is typically made using fiber board fused together with melamine resin—a compound made with formaldehyde. Something to keep in mind when you’re about to purchase a piece of furniture you’ll be using for several hours during a large portion of your week.

Look for a natural surface made from bamboo or reclaimed wood instead, if you don’t want to choose such an artificial desktop option. Additionally, solid wood desktops take screws more securely and don’t suffer from the splintering and chipping commonly associated with screwing into composite wood. This can be important when you choose your own custom desktop to add to one of many height adjustable desk frames available for purchase, as you want something that will weather your work for years.

Buy Just the Frame

Most standing desk sellers offer a frame-only option for those who prefer to attach their own custom desktop. Although buying height adjustable desk frames alone costs less than buying the whole desk, the final cost of your new desk will be dependent on the custom work surface you select and install.

Deciding to use a custom desktop for your standing desk gives you more options than just color and surface type. When you add your own desktop surface to a height adjustable standing desk frame, you can also customize the size of your desktop surface.

One thing to be aware of, though—even the toughest standing desk frames have a weight limit. Keep that weight limit in mind when you choose your custom desktop surface, because you’ll need to take its weight into account. You’ll need to consider the weight of the items you’ll be placing on your desk along with your custom desktop’s weight to ensure you won’t overload the capacity of the desk frame.

No matter which kind of desktop surface you choose, you’ll be giving yourself the gift of increasing your physical activity while you work, and that’s a great choice.

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