Why Bring your BASE Board Along?

Why Bring your BASE Board Along?


Healthy athletes sometimes use a balance board in their workouts so that they challenge and improve their balance system. This leads to increased coordination during competition. Stability boards have also been used by therapists working with developmentally disabled children who struggle with their cognitive and sensory skills.

A common issue many are faced with is poor posture as a result of our seated-centric lifestyles. Sitting at a computer desk all day is stressful to back and neck muscles. This contributes to poor posture and misaligns your sense of balance. Poor posture may create other problems such as back ache, fatigue, and even affect your cognitive function. Balance training assists your body in recalling the proper position and strengthens the core muscles that aid in maintaining this position, keeping your spine in correct alignment.

Without being consciously aware of it, when you stand on a wobble board, you’re constantly correcting your body position through your proprioceptive system. By challenging your body’s balance system, you work out these core muscles which can improve your overall body awareness.

Often used for a variety of exercise, our BASE family of balance boards are portable, so they are great for use as a home balance board, in the office, and as a balance board for a standing desk. Of course, a balance board for exercise is great whether you’re at work or at home.

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