Why Bother With Ergonomics: Workplace Benefits

Why Bother With Ergonomics: Workplace Benefits

Getting Smart with Ergonomics in the Office

Leading companies are intensely integrating ergonomics into all of their operations after considering the advantages of an efficient ergonomics process. You can improve your ergonomics and improve your business in a variety of different ways. Establishing or developing a workplace ergonomics program can significantly reduce health care costs and workers’ compensation.

Ergonomics, if you’re unfamiliar with the term and concept, may appear to be just another pop culture buzzword. It can be challenging to comprehend how something such as an upscale chair or split keyboard can affect company culture or the bottom line. You might wonder why your company should even bother. But ergonomics is simply the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment and designing or arranging workplaces, products, and systems so that they comfortably and easily fit the people who use them.

Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics

Doing anything for eight or more hours a day will affect your health. Poor posture leads to muscle tension, risk of injury, poor blood circulation, and even decreased confidence. Employees in pain will be focused on their aches instead of their work. The greater the pain, the more productivity plunges. Therefore, neglecting ergonomics means paying for costly operations to correct years of harmful patterns. The bottom line is that a good ergonomic policy is fundamental to efficiency. The answer is that simple ergonomics directly influences efficiency. Benefits of ergonomics in the workplace include:

Reduction in costs. By regularly decreasing ergonomic hazards, you can eliminate expensive musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Reportedly, $1 out of every $3 in workers’ compensation costs are associated with MSDs. Also, indirect costs can add up to twenty times the direct cost of an injury. Improving ergonomics in your workplace represents an opportunity for marked savings.

Improvement in productivity. By planning ergonomics to support less exertion, good posture, fewer motions and better heights, the workstation becomes more efficient and will promote productivity. A comfortable employee is going to be focused on their work and this naturally leads to an increase in productivity.

Enhanced quality Workers may not perform their jobs to their full potential when a job is physically demanding of them, especially if it’s causing discomfort or pain. Poor or nonexistent ergonomic processes lead to fatigued and frustrated workers who cannot produce their best work.

Generation of employee engagement. Many people often tend to show absenteeism and turnover, when fatigue and discomfort during the workday negatively affect their performance. This lack of employee involvement can be addressed once employees realize that you are actively investing in their comfort. The excitement of using new, ergonomic furniture and this will probably result in newly devoted and focused employees. Workers definitely notice when a company takes measures to ensure their health and safety. Remember, if an employee does not experience discomfort and fatigue throughout their workday, it can decrease absenteeism, reduce turnover—and can increase employee involvement and improve morale.

Creation of a better safety culture. Your most valuable asset is healthy employees. Ergonomics can support your core values of health and safety. The ergonomic benefits create a stronger security culture. Formulate and encourage a safe and healthy environment at your company with a solid ergonomics plan. Ergonomics are good for your business and ideal for your staff.


The bottom line? You should definitely take into consideration the quality of your office furnishings; ergonomic is the best choice if you want to create an optimal working environment for your employees. Restructuring your office with an ergonomics program need not be overwhelming. Simply begin by bringing in a trained expert who will evaluate workstations, offer recommendations, and train workers. From there, it is essential to implement a support system, whether that means keeping management’s door open for feedback or building an ergonomic buddy system. Ergonomics may cost some additional money upfront, but it is an investment that is certain to pay off in the future. 

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