Why are Product Reviews So Important?

Why are Product Reviews So Important?

As an informed consumer, you probably do at least a bit of research before you buy something new. Whether it’s a major purchase like a new car or a washing machine, or a smaller purchase like a computer desk or coffee maker, product reviews can be invaluable in helping you better understand the pros and cons of any purchase.

How to Read Product Reviews

If you’ve ever read product reviews, you might have noticed a few things.

  • You’ll almost always find at least one scathing review full of negativity, but sometimes they can be important. If a product has serious flaws, people will be eager to make it look as terrible as possible. Read these reviews with a grain of salt; on occasion, you’ll see a negative review that had nothing to do with the product itself (the shipping box was damaged, for example).
  • Some reviews are faked. Although retailers like Amazon have begun cracking down on this practice, there are sellers out there who will provide free or discounted products in exchange for a positive review. If a product sounds too good to be true, beware: it might just be.
  • Arguably the most helpful reviews may not be the most glowing ones. If someone writes an unbiased review, it might not be a 5-star review. In these cases, a product may be almost—but not quite—perfect. Perhaps what someone considered a flaw is something that doesn’t matter to you!

How to Write Product Reviews

Just like leaving extra gratuity for exemplary service, writing a review—positive, negative, or neutral—is a great way to let companies know you appreciate their products. Consider these tips when you write your product review:

  • State whether the product performs as described
  • Describe the pros and cons of the product
  • Help others understand the product quality
  • Talk about whether the product is easy to use
  • Explain product features
  • Express whether the product met, exceeded, or did not meet your expectations
  • Communicate whether the product is ultimately worth buying

It seems that most people will only write a product review if they really love or really hate a product. But since honest reviews are quickly becoming such a part of our everyday lives, they are extremely important to product manufacturers like us here at Uncaged Ergonomics.

So pay it forward! The next time you purchase a product, consider leaving a review. Those consumers who come after you will thank you for your efforts.

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