Why an Ergonomic Laptop Stand Improves Posture and Prevents Back Pain

Why an Ergonomic Laptop Stand Improves Posture and Prevents Back Pain

Suffering from back pain? It might be from poor posture caused by spending too much time on your laptop.

Back pain is one of the most common causes of disability worldwide. In fact, more than 31 million Americans suffer from low-back pain at any given time. These people spend a total of $50 billion a year to relieve the pain.

One great solution is an ergonomic setup. If you prefer the convenience and size of laptops, you need to adopt some good habits. You need to find a better position and raise your laptop to your eye level using a laptop stand.

The Reason Laptops are Bad for Posture

When you're looking at the contents of your computer screen, you adjust your head so your eyes can see it properly. If the screen is lower than your eye level because you don't have a laptop stand, you move your head down and forward for the eyes to have an optimal view. This causes you to have a hunched position that tightens muscles in front of the neck and the chest.

Aside from tight muscles, your neck and lower back's natural curves for support become reduced as well. This happens when you're focused on work or surfing the internet since you're unaware of your posture. Your body is good at adapting and ignoring bad posture, so using your laptop for a long time can cause the neck and back pain.

How Laptop Stands Reduce Pain and Promote Good Posture

Health issues are often the leading complaints from repeated computer and laptop use. A laptop stand is one of the best ways to have a convenient and affordable solution to the stress. Here are some reasons why you need an ergonomic stand for your laptop:

Better Ergonomics

This is the prime reason you should get a laptop stand especially if you use your laptop on a daily basis for at least 6 hours. Due to its ergonomic nature, it can help reduce the risk of stress injury because of repetitive use. It helps raise your laptop screen to your eye level and prevent your neck from becoming strained because of the forced downward perspective.

If you use an external monitor, the stand can help multitasking easier. It makes the notebook's elevation equal to the monitor.

Adjustable Angle

Aside from the height of the laptop, a good laptop stand should help you adjust the angle and distance of the laptop from your body. A study revealed that about 65% of all American adults suffer from what's known as Computer Vision Syndrome. At its core, this disorder is an eye strain caused by digital screens.

If you're looking to prevent this from happening, don't go for the gimmicky items like computer-exclusive glasses. Go for a laptop stand and adjust your computer's angle. It reduces the glare of the screen and preserves your eyes' health.

Typing Comfort

The average data entry clerk works for 8 hours a day at 41 words per minute. Compare that to the time you spend typing in front of the computer, you'll see the difference.

A lot of tables and surfaces in your home aren't designed to accommodate this type of use, however. Tables at home have other functions in mind, like comfort while watching TV or eating.

When you're using a laptop on a regular basis, your posture should always involve having a straight back, with your elbows bent at 90 degrees for comfort. Your laptop should be at eye level, otherwise, your posture fails and the entire experience becomes uncomfortable in the long run.

With a stand, your body doesn't need to be uncomfortable since you can adjust the laptop. It gives you the perfect posture to have a healthy typing experience.

Metabolism and Productivity Boost

When you stand while working, you get a lot of health benefits. It reduces the risk of gaining weight or becoming obese.

As you stand while using your laptop, you can burn 114 extra calories per hour compared to sitting down. There's proof that standing for at least a couple of hours a day can help lower your blood sugar levels and decrease your chances of developing heart diseases.

A good posture while using the computer makes you feel better. It makes you feel more energized and improve your productivity. With a stand, you don't need to sit all day while using the computer. You can stand around and stretch your back without the need to adjust your head.

Portability and Comfort

The primary reason you got a laptop is due to its portability. Whether you go to the caf? or a vacation on the beach, laptops allow you to work while on-the-go. However, working without a comfortable desk or table can make you adopt a poor posture fast.

This happens especially when you relocate all the time. To prevent the pain you get from poor posture, you need a stand. It's portable too, so you can pack it away and bring all its posture and body benefits wherever you go.

At the very least, you can rest assured that you can work in comfort wherever you go.

Get Your Laptop Stand Today!

For people who like using laptop or tablets for a more portable experience, having a laptop stand ensures that you maintain proper posture. It helps lower your risk of getting back and neck pains because of its ergonomic design.

There are a lot of affordable stands out there that fits your needs. Make sure to pick the right size and shape for your laptop to get the best experience out of it. Don't delay and get your stand today--you'll be thankful you got it since it prevents you from having to pay medical bills to the chiropractor for a busted back.

Do you have more questions? Looking for more ways to improve posture and comfort while working?

Contact us today and we'll help you get started with your computer stand. It could be the perfect solution that's missing in your life!

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