Why a Stand Up Computer Station Can Save Your Back

Why a Stand Up Computer Station Can Save Your Back

Do you need to change your sitting habits at work?

Ask yourself this: how many hours do you sit in a day? Remember to include the time you spend at home and en route to work.

If you spend most of the day on a chair, it’s not a good thing. We’ll explain why below. We’ll also discuss what a stand up computer station is and why it’s vital to your health.

1. What Is a Stand Up Computer Station?

A stand up computer station brings you to your feet while you work. It can be a custom-built desk that costs a lot of money. You can also buy a cheaper, little table you place on your desk to elevate your computer screen.

You can find standing desk accessories that can help you make your desk more comfortable. If you want to create an adjustable standing desk, buy a mechanical desk arm for your computer screen. It can also cost nothing to stack unused books or other similar things to raise the level of your computer.

2. Why Use a Stand Up Computer Station?

The human body isn’t and must not be a sedentary one. The problem is since chairs got made, we began to be more sedentary. Like we said earlier, the human body needs to keep moving, as its design.

A ton of health risks follows a person who sits all day. This includes the odds of getting diabetes, developing heart disease, and poor circulation. A standing desk helps you avoid all these and more.

The recommended time for sitting at a time is 30 minutes. If you go past it, you have a high percentage of slowing your metabolism, turning off the muscles in your lower body, and more. Weight management is also a big plus when you start becoming less sedentary.

When it comes to your back, slouching puts stress on the lower back. A sit-stand desk can reduce upper back and neck pain as well. Chronic back pain is a common complaint among desk workers.

3. What to Remember When Getting a Stand Up Desk

Like the standard desk, a stand up computer station also comes with its pros and cons. Earlier, we already talked about those pros. Now, it’s time to talk about the side effects of having a stand up table.

One big problem with stand up desks is they can also cause body pain. If you often sit all day and you start using a stand up desk all day, you’ll feel the difference. You will most likely run the risk of developing foot, leg, and back pain.

Thus, it’s better to ease into the stand up habit. Start by working on your feet at least 30-60 minutes a day. Add a gradual increase to this time, so you get used to the feeling of working on your feet.

If you want to, set a timer to remind you to stand or sit. However, if you don’t like getting distracted, it’s better to try something else. Instead, try using specific times like an hour before lunch.

The best way to find your flow is to try experimenting with time.

Take Care of Your Back

Use a stand up computer station to lessen the adverse effects of sitting all day staring at a computer screen. Invest in your health and buy a standing desk now.

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