What’s New in Office Ergonomics

What’s New in Office Ergonomics

Repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome can occur when workers are improperly positioned or uncomfortable while working. Musculoskeletal problems can occur in workers in all industries, from the assembly line to the office. And the latest research demonstrates that too much sitting can be detrimental to your overall health.

More and more companies are creating ergonomic products for the workplace, like electric adjustable desks and under-desk keyboard trays. These products can help you work more comfortably, which translates into working more safely. Improving your workstation’s ergonomics can help you improve your posture, which in turn helps reduce fatigue, stiffness, and soreness.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some products you may already be using, along with some new accessories that can help you work more ergonomically.

Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk and Accessories

When you buy ergonomic products, you want high-quality items that will help prevent injuries, fit your budget, and are built to last. Improving workplace ergonomics can help you improve your posture, which can reduce fatigue, stiffness, and soreness. You can give your entire workstation an ergonomic makeover with just a few products.

A height adjustable desk is just the first part of the ergonomic workstation puzzle. You’ll also want to be able to place your monitor(s) at the ideal height while sitting or standing. The center of your computer monitor should be placed where the center of the screen is at eye height, no matter whether you’re sitting or standing. At Uncaged Ergonomics, we offer a variety of monitor risers that enable you to position your monitor right where you need it to be. Our LIFT monitor stand is ideal for use with a height adjustable standing desk. Other models can also be used as laptop stands, and we also offer two standing desk conversion models that help you keep your monitor at the ideal height.

Another important accessory is an adjustable keyboard tray. Mounted under the desk, a keyboard tray allows you to position your keyboard at the ideal height for typing: at elbow height for both sitting and standing. Your arms should be in a neutral position, your elbows should be bent at about a 90-degree angle, and your wrists should remain as straight as possible while you type. You shouldn’t have to reach out or extend your arms to use your keyboard or mouse.

The best adjustable keyboard tray will have a separate mousing platform so that you can keep your mouse on a level surface while your keyboard is tilted to the best wrist position—a negative tilt, with the top of the keyboard tilting downward. Additionally, a keyboard tray will help you position your keyboard and mouse at the right height whether you’re standing or sitting.

There are plenty of other helpful accessories for a standing desk, including channels or grommets, that help with cable management, add-on drawers to help keep your work surface from getting cluttered, built-in or coordinating pen and pencil holders, and more. You may also want to consider an under-desk CPU holder that allows you to mount your desktop computer right under the surface of your desk.

Active Anti Fatigue Mat

undefinedStanding while working is great for adding physical activity into your day, but your feet, legs, and lower back may get tired when you stand. One way to help combat this fatigue is to get an anti-fatigue standing desk floor mat. Uncaged Ergonomics’ Active Standing Desk Mat is manufactured with premium, high-density molded foam that’s much thicker than most of the anti-fatigue mats being sold today.

The Active Standing Desk Mat features a contoured surface that has been specifically engineered to encourage movement and stretching while standing. This active anti-fatigue mat provides excellent cushioning that you can feel the moment you step on it. The sloped sidewalls let you stretch your calves, elevate one or both feet, and comfortably stand with a wider stance.

Active Seating

active-motion-seating-stool-wo.jpgActive seating refers to stools or chairs that let you move around while you’re sitting. This can include wobbly stools, balance balls, and a variety of other seating options that help you work your core muscles while you’re sitting. Active seating can help improve posture and boost your energy levels during the day by preventing slouching.

Our Wobble Stool can help you work your core muscles—and it’s fun to use! If your core muscles are weak, your back muscles have to work harder, and that can lead to back pain. A good-quality active seating option will work your core muscles, your back, and your leg muscles, all while helping keep your spine aligned. When you use active seating while you work, you can boost your energy levels during the day, since you won’t be slouching.

Active seating stools and chairs wobble and wiggle to help you increase your physical activity while you work. Physical activity increases blood flow, which helps boost oxygen to your brain, and in turn, can help keep your energy levels more consistent throughout the day, contributing to your overall health.

Balance Boards

active-standing-balance.jpgOne of the newest ideas in office ergonomics is the balance board. Often used for a variety of exercise, our BASE family of balance boards are portable, so they are great for use at home, in the office, and at your standing desk. Of course, they are also good exercise tools as well!

When you use a balance board while you work, you’re also increasing your physical activity—just like using active seating. The benefits of your ergonomically improved computer workstation will help you work more comfortably and keep you at your healthy best.

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