What Makes the Best Standing Desk Converter for Laptops?

What Makes the Best Standing Desk Converter for Laptops?

Standing desks are continuing to grow in popularity, but with a price tag that can go from $300 to over $2000 it's isn't something many people can afford.

However, numerous studies have shown that there are countless health risks that occur from sitting all day. From heart health to obesity, there is a global movement to encourage more people to get on their feet more throughout the day.

Of course, if you're stuck in an office or some other job that puts you in a seat, it can be hard to find the time to get off your computer and move around.

That's where a standing desk converter can lend such a helpful middle ground. Any desk can instantly be converted to a standing one without any of the hassle or price tag of a conventional standing desk.

But what are the qualities that make one particular model better or more suitable for you? Read on to find out.

Advantages of a Standing Desk Converter

When viewed purely from a calorie standpoint, there's only an 8 caloric difference between sitting all day versus standing.

But when you consider all the risks from sitting, standing more at work will definitely save you a lot of health issues later in life.

As well as health benefits, converters are simply more practical. Even basic Ikea furniture can take an hour or so to put together let alone building a whole standing desk.

Most converters on the market come ready right out of the box or only require slotting a few pieces together.

The other main advantage is that they can be portable and go on top of any desk. So even if you have to move from where you currently work, or if you freelance in various locations, you will always be prepared.

The Downside

The main issues some standing desk converters create is the functionality of your workspace.

Their size can limit how much space you have below and can cause issues with regards to items beyond your laptop itself.

For example, if you don't have an external keyboard and mouse for your laptop then you'll have to raise your arms up higher to type and move the cursor. This can be uncomfortable and may require you to make those extra purchases to get the most out of standing.

Because of their price, manufacturers also tend to keep the cost lower by focusses more on the practicality and not the aesthetics. This means many models look very mechanical and not as sleek as you may want.

With those aside, the best qualities for a laptop are as follows.

Consider the Size

Compared to bulky, large computer setups which have to deal with processors and heavy monitors, laptops are significantly lighter and smaller.

This means you should pay close attention to the dimensions of any product you come across to make sure it isn't larger than what you need. The best part is that smaller models will always be cheaper so this will also help you save money.

Of course, if you do have an external keyboard and wireless mouse, then you can treat the laptop as a monitor and look for options that support that. Ideally, the monitor should be eye level with you so your not spending hours looking down or up.

Think about your work habits and try to imagine what will be the most comfortable for you.

Design Really is Everything

Some standing desk converters have very specific ergonomics placed in their design giving attention not only to height but to the angle of shelves as well.

Getting the perfect angle on things like the keyboard can help relieve strain on your wrists and make working longer hours much more comfortable. Another thing to consider is that you may not want to stand up all day long.

Often, you may wish to adjust depending on how your feeling especially if you're exhausted or did some heavy exercise recently.

In this case, it helps to look for models which have a good degree of adjustability to them. Just because you're comfortable in one position doesn't mean you may not need to change it up later.

It also comes in handy in case someone smaller or taller than you arrives at your desk. This way you can adjust the height to a suitable distance for both of you.

Finally, sometimes aesthetics really do play a part in our decisions and a practical standing desk converter that looks super ugly may be too much of a turnoff.

Ideally, you want a model that is designed for practical use but also looks sleek and modern.


A good standing desk converter for your laptop shouldn't break the bank.

If anything it should be affordable and help you work more efficiently while at the office on the go. Set a budget of what you can afford and take some time to research the different options you have available.

You may be surprised to find a lot of reasonable models that work well within the range you set.

Ease into It

If you've never had a standing desk converter before then it's essential you don't immediately start using it to stand all day.

Start in small steps by standing for 30 minutes every other hour until you don't feel any discomfort. From there move on to standing for one hour and sitting for the other.

Over time, you can build up to standing for most of the day and enjoy the benefits that come with giving your backside a break.

For more great advice on how to make your workspace more comfortable, read out other blog posts.

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