What is a Standing Desk Converter, Anyway?

What is a Standing Desk Converter, Anyway?

Research has linked standing while working to an improved mental state. Standing while working has recently taken offices by storm for its mobility and effective productivity rates.

With standing desk converters, you can have your desk customized to your individual height preference. While converters vary in shape and size, they all provide a comfortable standing position. Now let’s take a look at what is a standing desk converter:

Benefits of a Standing Desk Converter

Standing desks have become expensive office decor, sometimes ranging more than 1,000 dollars. However, lately, standing desk converters have become the newest office trend. Since they provide you with benefits like a lower risk for weight gain and a decrease percent of cardiovascular disease, converters are a popular purchase.

In fact, converters even offer mobility within your existing workspace. Instead of rearranging your office to fit a standing desk, you can attach the converter to your existing workspace and start working! Its efficiency and affordability make it one of the most requested office products of 2019.

Types of Converters

When purchasing a converter, it can be difficult to find the best one for you. Since converters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can narrow down your search by selecting one based on its design. Converters are often designed after these top-selling models:

Movable X Converter

This design is oftentimes the most affordable. It includes effortless transitions and has completely customizable height ranges.

Unlike other standing desk converters, this design does not swing out towards you. That way, you don’t have to worry about hitting yourself on the metal bars; instead, the movable X converter moves with you.

Electronically Powered Converter

Electronically powered converters are perfect if you require multiple monitors or heavy computer systems. While they tend to be on the expensive side, they are worth the cost for an easy transition.

Keyboard Tray and Post Converter

If you like minimal designs, then you should purchase this model. Since it takes little to no space on your desk, it helps keep your workspace nice and organized. However, most designs of this model only feature one computer monitor.

The Original Laptop Stand

Laptop stands are a budget-friendly option that can introduce users to ergonomics. A variety of laptop stands have cooling fans built into the product that can help cool machines down during use.

While stands have a simple purpose, laptops stands have benefits that can help you. Whether it’s regulating your posture or promoting flexibility, laptop stands are one of the most requested converters.

Why Purchase a Converter?

Converters provide portability and simplistic designs without breaking the bank. While each design offers different advantages, they all have easy set-ups and are simple to adjust.

Researchers even suggest people who work on such products will improve their productivity. By adopting a mindset of flexibility and comfort, you can work more efficiently than before.

So, What Is a Standing Desk Converter?

All in all, standing desk converters allow you to have the freedom to be mobile at your desk. Since converters provide flexible and affordable options for your existing workspace, you don’t have to search for large or expensive office furniture. Instead, converters offer adjustable settings, and comfortable arches to fit your body’s natural standing position.

So, what is a standing desk converter, it is the future of office furniture. For more information about desk converters, contact us on our blog

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