Want to Work Anywhere?

Want to Work Anywhere?

If you use a laptop, you probably got it because it’s portable. Soon thereafter, you may have realized that you sacrifice some ergonomics in exchange for that portability. But with a multifunctional laptop desk, you can better position your laptop or tablet to maintain the best possible posture.

All WorkEZ models are ergonomic multifunction laptop desks you can take with you wherever you go. These adjustable aluminum laptop desks are lightweight, fold flat, and tilt to position your laptop exactly where you need it. Raise your laptop or tablet off your lap with WorkEZ—and adjust the screen and keyboard to height that works best for you.

The WorkEZ Cool also features an ergonomic laptop desk fan to keep your computer from overheating. If you want a laptop desk for bed use, our WorkEZ Executive is our most comfortable option. It’s the tallest, widest, and most versatile option in our laptop riser family of products.

No matter whether you want to work or watch movies, read the news or check Facebook, relax at a desk, easy chair, sofa, or in bed—using an adjustable multifunctional desk for laptop and tablet helps keep you comfortable. And of course, all of the WorkEZ options make a great tablet stand for in bed as well.

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