Use A Higher Chair to Easily Convert Between Sitting & Standing:

Use A Higher Chair to Easily Convert Between Sitting & Standing:

Over the past several years, a variety of reports have been published explaining the health benefits of sitting less. Based on these studies, it’s safe to say that standing & moving is healthier than being glued to an office chair for 8-12+ hrs/day.

Unfortunately, we’ve received numerous reports from corporate customers lamenting that they spend thousands of dollars on luxurious electric standing desks only to see their workers sitting 90+% of the time. This feedback led us to ponder:

If we know that standing/moving is healthier than sitting, why do we still choose to sit most of the time?

Perhaps it’s the conversion process. Once you’re sitting in a normal office chair, it’s soooo nice, comfy & convenient that it can be difficult to go … all … the … way … back to standing. Contemplating solutions that would encourage people to stand more frequently led us to ask:

What if you had a higher chair?

Would sitting higher provoke you to stand up more?

From internal testing and external customer reports, we’ve discovered that the combination of 

(A) fixing desks at a comfortable standing height 
(B) sitting on a taller chair

makes it much easier, faster, and more likely that you’ll move between sitting and standing.

Moving between a tall chair & standing generally takes less effort than moving between a low chair and standing. Check out the knee & hip angles in these two photos to get an idea about the effort required to stand up:

If you work from a desk and are interested in trying to stand up more, consider fixing your desk to a comfortable standing height and investing in a taller chair such as a drafting chair or the Wobble Stool.

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