Uncaged Ergonomics Offers Alternative to Balance Ball Chairs with Wobble Stool Air

Uncaged Ergonomics Offers Alternative to Balance Ball Chairs with Wobble Stool Air

Alternative Office Chairs: Uncaged Ergonomics' Wobble Stool Air

More and more, people are trying to replace their office furniture with healthier, more ergonomic options. There are many alternative office chairs out there, but Uncaged Ergonomics' Wobble Stool is the best. Click here to find out why.

We're sure you've heard of the balance ball chair. But what you may not have heard about is the new, more convenient sitting method hitting offices across America.

It has all the perks of a balance ball and offers a better alternative for those in need of an ergonomic work chair. And even better? It's super affordable.

Welcome to the world of the Wobble Stool Air. We'll tell you all about here, but be warned: you'll want one after reading this. Those balance balls don't know what just hit them.

What Is the Wobble Stool Air?

The Wobble Stool Air is a fun chair that forces you to be active while you sit. The cushion placed on the stool is unbalanced, meaning it engages the core and encourages movement.

The five wheels at its base make it easy to roll around your office cubicle or home office and the convenient lever allows you to adjust the stool's height.

Lest you worry you'll be wiggling your day away, let us put your mind at ease: the cushion is uniquely designed to allow users to sit still or be active. The choice is entirely in your hands!

Still not convinced it's a great option? It's time to name drop: our wobble stool was listed as "the perfect balance of wobbly-ness and comfort" in the LA Times. The reviewer enjoyed it so much he listed "none" under dislikes.

It's that good.

Benefits of Both

Before we explain why the Wobble Stool Air is a better alternative to a balance ball chair, let's first cover the benefits of both.

Workout While You Work

Forget whistling while you work. How about working out while you work?

Exercising while you're being productive isn't just a pipe dream. It's being done more and more with standing desks and other ergonomic measures.

What both a balance ball chair and wobble stool achieve is a small workout for your core. The low-impact challenge of maintaining your balance forces you to engage your abdominal muscles, giving them a nice workout.


Both stability balls and wobble stools force you to sit straight. This promotes good posture habits.

And good posture means less back pain, one of the greatest issues plaguing Americans. It also leads to better oxygen levels and blood flow.

Leg Muscles

We don't really think about it, but when we go to reach for that glass of water or a stapler in our regular chairs, we're not really using anything.

However, with a balance ball chair or wobble stool, one of our legs is forced to contract as we put our weight on it.

Burning Calories

In a study conducted at State University of New York Buffalo, researchers found those who used a balance ball burned 4.1 times more calories than those who sat in regular chairs.

Wobble stools do the same thing. Both are easy ways to burn calories, leading to less weight gain and fewer health repercussions as a result.

A Better Alternative to the Balance Ball Chair

As you can see, both of these items seem like valuable amenities in any office. However, the Wobble Stool Air was created with you and your business in mind.

Fewer Aches

Let's be honest. Using a balance ball is great, but if you utilize one of these chairs for an entire workday, chances are you're going to be fatiguing your muscles. They simply won't get a break.

That's not the case with our wobble chair. You can get a break whenever you start to feel uncomfortable by simply sitting still. That's not an option with a ball.


Being able to decide when you want to sit still means being more comfortable in the office. Work is painful enough without adding sore muscles to the mix!

The Wobble Stool Air lets you decide when you've had enough and when you're ready for more.


You also will be hard-pressed to beat the price. It's currently listed as $49.99. Other ergonomic chairs cost hundreds of dollars.

Talk about a . . . er . . . muscle for your buck.


Our stool allows you to move up or down depending on the situation. Again, this is a feature that is lacking in a balance ball.

You are often limited when using a ball chair to moving horizontally across the floor.

However, the Wobble Stool Air lets you move forward, backward, up, down, sideways and more.


Be honest. How many times have you seen someone face plant after they wiggled a little too much on a balance ball chair?

While hilarious, it may be best to avoid any hazardous meetings with the floor at work. The wobble stool provides a safer alternative.

Furthermore, balance balls have been recalled for exploding in the past. In 2006, over 3 million were recalled for this reason. Only a truly maniacal manager would want their employees sitting on a ball that might explode at any moment.


We don't mean the convenience of having the ability to move your chair higher or lower here. What we mean is actual movement.

A ball chair may roll, but you have to do the awkward arm-waving-crab-walk to get to where you need to go. Generally, it's easier to simply stand up for these occasions.

And while some ball chairs do include wheels, they can be hard to utilize atop a huge, inflatable seat.

If you have our wobble stool, the five wheels at the base let you roll your way to whatever destination you need. No windmill arms are required.


Balance balls just look strange in an office. While we're not ones to judge, chances are you'll get a few strange stares if you're typing it out on a huge, pink stability ball. These were made for a gym, and they can be somewhat cumbersome inside an office.

The chairs are especially huge.

Not so with the Wobble Stool Air. It looks like a perfectly stylish and normal stool, and it has all the advantages of that pink monstrosity you use at the workout center, minus the size.

Easier to Get Work's "Okay"

Finally, there's the notion that many supervisors don't allow stability balls or their chairs in the office because of safety concerns. If someone gets hurt, that can mean lawsuits and liability, two things every business strives to avoid.

It's Just Better

This is where we pretend to dust off our hands. Because, really, what else is there to say?

A balance ball chair is useful in the office, but both the regular balls and the chair simply don't compare to The Wobble Stool Air.

But don't take our word for it. Try one for yourself. Take a look at the Wobble Stool Air at our website and order one today.

Say goodbye to your gym membership. Say hello to a brand new age in ergonomics.

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