Top 5 Balance Board Standing Desk Health Benefits

Top 5 Balance Board Standing Desk Health Benefits

Did you know that roughly 10% of the American population is considered to be in poor health standing

The modern population is concerned about wellness and is adamant about finding ways to integrate healthy living into every aspect of their life.

This includes the workplace, and a balance board standing desk is just one way that professionals across the globe are finding a way to improve their health and quality of life at work.

Here are five balance board standing desk health benefits.

It's A Step Up from Only Standing

Standing instead of sitting at a desk has dozens of health benefits. But using a balancing board while working too, adds to the list of benefits. A balance board standing desk is an excellent option for workers who want to challenge and tone their muscles while they work too.

A balance board is a great option for workers who can't make it to the gym as much as they would like to, and want to integrate more exercise into their lifestyle.

Micro Movements Will Work You Out More Than You Realize

A lot of popular workout moves focus on major muscles like the glutes, quads, and biceps. But the body is full of smaller muscle groups too, that do the body just as much good. A balance board desk targets micro-movements, which help support the major muscle groups in being strong and looking chiseled.

Staying balanced requires small movements throughout the body during the entire time you're on the balance board.

Balance Boards are a Form of Low Impact Exercise

Low impact exercise (weight lifting, pilates, swimming) is considered to be a safer form of exercise than high impact exercise (burpees, jumping jacks, running). This is because there is less of a "shock" to the body, helping it preserve the knees, hips and other joints that high impact movement can harm.

While your balancing, your igniting muscles throughout the body. Throughout the day you will unknowingly be conducting movements similar to lunges, squats and more.

A Balance Board Standing Desk Supports Muscle Stability

Muscle stability is important for a body that is aligned and strong. Stability starts at your core and improves a person's overall balance, posture and movement. A balance board keeps the body's lumbopelvic region engaged.

This region of the lower spine is what's considered the lumbopelvic region of the body. Keeping the lower spine engaged promotes a strong core and a strong body.

Balancing While Working Increases Alertness

When a person is slouched in an office chair or on the couch, it's easy to get comfortable, even too comfortable. When you're comfortable it's easy for your brain to exit work mode and enter a distracted mode that's unproductive.

But when you're working on a balance board, it's nearly impossible to lose focus and doze off. A balance board demands attention and engagement, helping keep workers sharp.

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