Top 10 Benefits of Investing in a Simple Standing Desk Riser

Top 10 Benefits of Investing in a Simple Standing Desk Riser

You've seen them in ads, and maybe even have seen your coworkers using them.

Standing desks have become increasingly popular, as they offer many benefits for your health and productivity. But with so many standing desk equipment options to choose from, how do you know which is best?

First, we'll examine the overall benefits of a standing set-up for your office space. Then we'll explore why a simpler standing desk riser might be preferable to a larger sit-to-stand desk.

Heath Benefits of Standing Desk Equipment

For most office jobs, you spend seemingly countless hours every day at your desk. Sitting and staring at a computer screen for long periods of time is simply unhealthy.

Numerous studies have shown the health hazards of sitting too much. As a result of these studies, the phrase "sitting is the new smoking" came into vogue.

To try and encourage healthier work habits, it's recently become trendy to stand while working. This necessitates the use of special standing desk equipment to elevate the workspace to a proper level.

However, newer studies show that standing all day isn't very healthy either. Too much standing can cause spinal compression issues or aggravate pre-existing injuries.

Rather, the ideal health benefits come somewhere in the middle. Some experts advocate for a 20:8:2 system, with 20 minutes of sitting, 8 minutes of standing, and 2 minutes of more vigorous movement, such as stretching or walking.

By using a standing desk properly and balancing standing with sitting, you can expect to see these tremendous health benefits:

Improved Posture

One of the biggest issues with sitting while working is your posture. It's far too easy to slouch, lean, or hunch while working from the same spot all day. You're also subject to tilting your neck to look down at your monitor, keyboard, or phone.

Standing helps improve your posture. Your spine is more upright than when you're reclined in a chair.

In addition, switching back and forth between sitting and standing every few minutes helps you avoid being in the same sitting position for too long. This helps prevent your body from becoming subconsciously lazy and slouching.

Reduced Back and Neck Pain

Closely related to the previous benefit, standing more while working can reduce back and neck pain.

Poor posture while sitting is the root cause of most spinal problems. In fact, sitting can put up to 90% more pressure on your back disks than standing.

Mixing standing with sitting helps keep your back and neck flexible and out of bad angles. Just be sure to not overdo the standing, or other back-related problems might flare up.

Burn More Calories

The act of standing makes your body work a bit more than sitting.

Standing still can burn between 20 to 50 more calories per hour more than sitting still. That might not seem like much, but they add up throughout the day and can help you lose a few extra pounds over the course of a year.

The true benefit of standing is the extra freedom to move. You can stretch, do calf raises, or even jog in place or dance a bit. It's in this more vigorous movement where some real caloric benefits can be had.

Increased Energy

Reclining is relaxing. When you sit, you're putting your body in a position of rest. And when you're in this position of rest is when you can start getting heavy eyes and nodding off.

But standing is an active position. It means your body needs to be working, not resting. Because your body senses this, it signals for it to produce more energy. This leaves you feeling more peppy and awake, and without the need for any extra coffee.

Increased Productivity

The extra energy and lack of sleepy eyes make you more attentive and productive.

You can do more work, and do so more enthusiastically. Both your quality and output can improve.

Simple Standing Desk Riser vs. Sit-to-Stand Desk

When it comes to standing desk equipment, you have a few different options.

The bigger, more expensive option is a full sit-to-stand adjustable height desk. This is a full, unique table with legs that automatically extend or shorten depending on your desired stance. Your whole desktop rises when you adjust it.

The alternative is the much smaller standing desk riser, which sits on top of your existing desk. These usually only have enough space to raise your monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Although the full standing desk is more expensive, it's not neccessarily the best option. Here's why investing in a simple standing desk riser might be a better option.


As mentioned, the smaller riser is much cheaper.

The full desk will usually put you out more than $500, if not much more depending on the brand and style.

However, a riser can be had for around $100.

If you're trying out standing work for the first time, a simple riser is a great way to test if the method works for you.


Because the riser is small, it's much more mobile.

It's easier and lighter to carry, and takes up less space than a full desk.

You can bring it with you to your office, to your home, and on business trips. That means you get more use out of it, making it a much better value as an investment.

Easy Assembly

Most risers come as a single unit, or with only a few pieces.

A full sit-to-stand desk, however, might require lots of pieces, tools, and extensive instructions to assemble. This means it takes longer to access your standing desk when you get it. It also makes moving it even more difficult.


The sit-to-stand desk will take a few moments to go up or down.

However, the simple riser is much faster, rising almost instantly. If speed is an important factor for your work, the riser might be a better option.

Keep Your Desk

A full standing desk is a major piece of furniture. If you buy one, it means it will replace your current desk.

Especially for home use, this causes some problems. What do you do with your old desk? What if that desk is a valuable one or has sentimental value?

With a riser, you get to keep your current desk if you like it.

Start Standing Today

With all the advantages of using a standing desk riser, it's clear that one would be a valuable investment for either your home or office.

Check out our selection of standing desk options here.

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Thank you for explaining how standing can help your body to produce more energy while working. I’ve been thinking about investing in a standing desk. I work from home, so it seems like this could help me to be more productive.

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