Tips for De-cluttering Your Office

Tips for De-cluttering Your Office

Disorganization is the enemy of productivity, as many office workers and employers know. As work piles up and overwhelms your desk (or an entire office), efficiency suffers and frustration grows. Fortunately, de-cluttering your workspace is not as complicated as you might think.

Here are a few tips to begin the de-cluttering process:

  1. Take photos of your office or desk space. Can you spot areas that are particularly messy? Chances are your trouble spots will jump out at you when seen from a different perspective.
  2. Identify the items you use most often—and just as important, the objects you seldom or never use. Purge the things that are getting in your way instead of helping you get work done.
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  4. Create a work flow. Place frequently-used items where they’re easy to access, and give each space on your desk a purpose (for instance, distinct locations for incoming and outgoing work, and work in progress). Use stackable organizers, and gain desk space by using an under-desk keyboard tray.
  5. Design a place for everything. Keep your cables and cords out of the way by enclosing them in a cord cover. Hang a bulletin board or a magnetic whiteboard to corral all the notes, business cards, and other debris that can drown your desk.
  6. Keep small objects (pens, paper clips, etc.) in a suitably-sized container. If you commonly throw such items in your desk drawer, arrange the containers in the drawer. Put the most frequently-used objects in front for easy access.
  7. Follow this advice: “If you use it today, put it away.” At the end of every workday, put everything back in its place—and treat yourself to a clean desk in the morning!

If you have questions about ergonomic under-desk keyboard stands or other products that can help you and your employees, please call or chat with us for assistance.

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