The Role of the Anti-Fatigue Mat in an Ergonomic Work Environment

The Role of the Anti-Fatigue Mat in an Ergonomic Work Environment

There are more U.S. employers providing their employees with standing desks in an effort to create ergonomic work environments than ever before.

According to a study done in 2017, more than 40 percent of employers now help their employees get their hands on standing desks so that they can enjoy the benefits. That's up from just 13 percent less than five years ago.

But setting your employees up with standing desks might not be enough to make your workspace truly ergonomic. If you really care about your employees and their well-being, you should invest in an anti-fatigue mat for each of them as well.

Your employees can situate themselves on these mats when they're working at their standing desks and reap the benefits. Check out the advantages of using anti-fatigue mats below.

An Anti-Fatigue Mat Will Encourage People to Use Their Standing Desks

Sitting at work all day is not good for your body or your overall health. It can cause back pain, high blood pressure, and even put you at risk for diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

It's why so many employers have introduced standing desks into their ergonomic work environments.

But, of course, employees need to actually use their standing desks to make the most of them. Anti-fatigue mats will encourage people to stand up and put their standing desks to good use.

Once people step on them and see how comfortable they are, they'll be more inclined to spend time standing as opposed to sitting. That alone will make them worth the investment on your part.

It'll Reduce the Stress People Put on Their Bodies

Outside of encouraging your employees to stand more often, anti-fatigue mats will also provide them with real health benefits from the moment they start using them.

Hard flooring surfaces, like tile and concrete, can put a ton of stress on people's bodies. They can cause their muscles to tense up and place a lot of strain on their joints.

An anti-fatigue mat will reduce and, in some cases, even eliminate the stress that people put on their bodies altogether. Ergonomic mats are made out of a high-density rubber that will cushion people's feet and set them up with all the support they need.

It'll allow your employees' muscles to relax when they're standing. It'll do away with the pain they would normally feel while working at a standing desk.

It'll Promote Blood Circulation Throughout People's Bodies

One of the other problems that people face while working at a standing desk is that their blood doesn't circulate as often as it should throughout their legs. This can happen for a number of reasons.

In some cases, people try to avoid the pain that comes along with standing on a hard surface by putting all their weight on one leg. In other situations, blood doesn't circulate effectively through a person's body because their muscles are too tense while standing.

Regardless of the reason, an anti-fatigue mat can promote better blood circulation, especially through the legs and feet. This will reduce a lot of the pain people feel when they're standing for long stretches of time.

It'll Prevent People From Slipping and Falling

Unless an office chair inexplicably breaks and sends a person crashing down to the floor, it's highly unlikely that someone is going to fall down when they're sitting.

But there is some risk associated with getting up on your feet and working at a standing desk, especially if you're working on a tile or concrete floor.

Some hard surfaces can get to be very slippery throughout the course of a day. Dirt, dust, and debris can buildup on them and lead to slips and falls if your employees aren't careful.

With an anti-fatigue mat, this won't prove to be a problem for you and your ergonomic work environment. Because ergonomic mats are made out of rubber, there's almost no chance of someone slipping and falling while using one.

And if someone does happen to fall on an anti-fatigue mat, the rubber will serve as a nice cushion for their landing. They'll more than likely be able to get right back up without having to worry about injuries.

It'll Even Massage People's Feet and Motivate Them to Stay Active

Anti-fatigue mats have come a long way over the course of the last few years. They used to be little more than a plain piece of rubber that went on the ground. There wasn't really much more to them than that.

But today, there are anti-fatigue mats that will go above and beyond to keep your employees comfortable.

Take the Active Standing Desk Mat, for example. It's far from an ordinary anti-fatigue mat and will do more for your employees than they could have ever imagined.

The mat has a contoured surface that is designed to motivate your employees to move their feet around. When they do this, they'll keep their blood circulating and allow for their muscles to stretch out.

The mat also a massage ball right in the center of it that employees can use to massage their feet and stretch them out at the same time. They won't have any trouble getting comfortable on the mat and finding the right position for them to work.

Although employees should still take breaks from time to time and get off their feet, an anti-fatigue mat will make it easy for them to stay on their feet for longer periods of time.

Consider Purchasing Anti-Fatigue Mats for Your Employees Today

If you want your work environment to be ergonomic, consider giving each of your employees an anti-fatigue mat to use on the job.

The mat will get them up out of their chairs and encourage them to stand more often throughout each day. You'll notice a real difference in the mood in your office when you have standing desks and anti-fatigue mats in place.

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