The Proven Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics

The Proven Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics

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In the millennia that humankind has been performing work, the possibility of injury in the workplace has unfortunately been all too real. With the advent of industrialization, injuries caused by working with machinery were gradually brought to public notice, although employers were not generally required to take precautions against them. That changed in the United States during the 20th century, as federal laws and agencies took measures to protect workers.

Today, industrial jobs have been exchanged, to a large extent, for work performed in an office. In the 21st century, it is not unusual for office employees to spend entire days sitting at a desk, resulting in a new type of hazard. Injuries caused by repetitive motions and health problems caused by prolonged sitting have become commonplace for office workers. While ergonomics—the science concerned with arranging work environments to promote efficiency and safety—began in the mid-1800s, only in recent decades has the idea been applied on a wide scale in office settings.

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Companies and their employees realize important benefits from an ergonomically-designed workspace. Improvements in work quality, productivity, safety, and employee engagement attributed to ergonomic office design can lead to lowered costs for the employer. And employees who work in an ergonomic environment will find physical benefits when they are relieved of the major stressors that can affect health and cause pain. An ergonomic computer desk and chair can make extended periods of desk work more comfortable, as will the best ergonomic keyboard trays and other peripheral attachments. Ergonomics can make all the difference to those who spend the majority of their work lives in an office.

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