The Perfect Ergonomic Pair

The Perfect Ergonomic Pair

Have you dipped your toes into ergonomic office products with a curvy split keyboard or a mouse that fits the contours of your hand? If so, you understand that these items were specially designed to help position your arms, hands, and wrists in the optimal position for computer work—which can reduce injuries and help you work more comfortably.

You want to look out for your body, because it’s the only one you’ll ever get! You might have heard some buzz lately about sitting—some say sitting is the new smoking. Remaining sedentary for most of the day is so unhealthy that you should consider working more active movement into your day. The same research that indicates that sitting is detrimental to your health also suggests that your trips to the gym aren’t enough to undo the damage sitting can do to the body.

And did you know that more than 50% of workplace injuries are related to musculoskeletal problems? These repetitive motion injuries can occur when workers are improperly positioned or uncomfortable while working. Musculoskeletal problems can occur in workers in all industries, from the assembly line to the office. Improving your workspace ergonomics can help prevent these musculoskeletal problems.

Because sitting all day while you work isn’t healthy, you can work more physical activity into your workday by using an adjustable height desk while you work. These desks are designed to be used while you’re standing up and sitting down, and can adjust to the right height for people who are short or tall. Some adjustable height standing desks even have electric motors that can adjust the height up and down so they work for anyone.

What if you’re not ready to stand throughout the entire workday? Try alternating between sitting and standing, progressively building up the time you spend standing while working. The best way to upgrade your workstation’s ergonomics to enable sitting and standing is with an adjustable height desk. When you can adjust the height of your desk, you can achieve the best ergonomic height for your desk no matter whether you’re sitting or standing.

People who are used to standing while working also need a rest sometimes. That’s where active seating comes in. Active seating refers to stools or standing desk chairs that let you move around while you sit, and can include wobbly stools, balance balls, and other seating options that help you work your core muscles while you’re sitting. Active seating can help improve posture and boost your energy levels during the day by preventing slouching.

There are many active seating options on the market today, but you might want to consider an option like a wobbling stool that can be adjusted to height suitable for standing or sitting. These standing desk chairs are lightweight so you can easily move them from place to place. That’s especially important when you first start using active seating—you might need some time to adjust.

So, don’t get rid of your current office chair right away, and plan to give yourself the time it takes to adjust—both to standing while working and using an active seating option. The benefits of your ergonomically improved workstation will help you work more comfortably and keep you at your healthy best.

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