The Next Frontier: Standing Desks in Classrooms

The Next Frontier: Standing Desks in Classrooms

If you think you have a hard time sitting and paying attention all day at work, try to remember what it was like to be a kid. With all that energy, it’s no wonder that they need recess! But kids at school are typically sitting down for 50 – 70 percent of the school day . Since recent research shows that prolonged sitting is detrimental to our health, it’s more important than ever to start kids off right with increased physical activity1.

We’ve talked about how workplace ergonomics enhances employee engagement , and the same is true for kids in school. Like adults, children can’t concentrate or perform well when they’re physically uncomfortable. When they’re required to sit still for hours, kids can get fidgety and may even act out in an attempt to get moving again. They’ve got pent-up energy they need to release somehow, and being able to move around during the school day is one way to expend all that energy.

To help prevent the health consequences of sitting while improving student engagement, many schools have put ergonomic standing desks in their classrooms. Once kids are given permission to move around during lessons, experts have found that they tend to move around about twice as much as they otherwise would; research suggests that this increased movement increases engagement and mood. Some parents even noted children who had historical behavior problems had been better able to focus.

An adjustable height computer desk can be beneficial for kids at home, as well. You can find affordable standing desks that have a wide height range that should be sufficient for a child to use while standing. Of course, you’ll probably want to do some measurements before you begin researching affordable standing desks, so you can be sure the desk can adjust to the correct height for your child today, while taking into account future growth.

If you want to invest in an ergonomic standing desk for your child, but don’t have the room for an adult-sized desk, one of the best options in affordable standing desks is a standing desk conversion. These sit on top of an existing surface, and have a fairly small footprint, which is a perfect size for a kid. A standing desk conversion is just as versatile as an adjustable height computer desk, since your child can use the surface for homework and books, or for a computer.

Help your child get moving with an ergonomic desk or standing desk conversion. Uncaged Ergonomics has a number of products that can be used to create sit-to-stand desks for all ages. Our CHANGEdesk and Electric CHANGEdesk fit on nearly any surface, yet are large enough for two monitors (up to 21”) and can hold up to 30 pounds.


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