The New Victim of Conspiracy is the Stand Up Desk!

The New Victim of Conspiracy is the Stand Up Desk!

The standing desk has been around for a few years and it seems to be getting mixed reviews. Sometimes called the stand up desk, people often think that it's unrealistic that simply standing while you work could pose any benefits.

This is simply untrue, though, and the benefits of standing desks have been proven. If you've been on the fence about picking up a standing desk or asking your company to invest in one for you, make your decision a little more informed by reading through these stand up desk facts.

Let's make a few things clear first.

Stand Up Desk Myths

There are a lot of general rumors circulating about the standing desk. It seems like these rumors were just made up on the spot, kind of made sense, and stuck around in the face of research.

Here are a few myths that you've probably heard.

Companies Would Never Invest in a Standing Desk

If you walk into any company that has a lot of desk workers, you're likely to find at least one that is standing with a modified desk. It isn't that companies don't want to pay for these desks, it's that people don't ask.

Many of the benefits of the stand up desk make employees more productive, happy, and excited to come to work. We'll go over those benefits later, but it's important to note that the standing desk does improve productivity. Businesses have an incentive to provide their staff with things that boost your efficiency in the office.

If I Get a Standing Desk I Have to Stand All of the Time

This one is not true at all. You don't have to commit to a lifetime of standing once you install the standing desk. Most, if not all stand up desks are adjustable and can return back to the position that they would have been if they were a normal desk.

You can still have your chair near you for whenever you get tired, and that's actually a good idea. Standing all day is not the healthiest way to work, rather it's better to stand and sit alternatively, giving your body a break every now and again.

Standing too Much Will Harm My Back

This one is false for most people. Some people may experience back pains from standing, only because their posture is not in line. If you're standing with proper posture for a long period of time, you shouldn't experience any negative side effects in your back.

In fact, sitting for long periods of time has proven to cause number of health issues, including back pain, decreased metabolism, obesity, and depression.

Those are three of the main myths surrounding the standing desk, but the most important thing is that we understand what these desks actually do for our lives.

True Benefits of The Stand Up Desk

There are a number of real, important health benefits that come from the standing desk. If not a direct result of standing, many of the benefits can be chalked up to simply not sitting. Sitting is a huge risk factor for obesity, back problems, and depression.

Here are some of the benefits of the standing chair.

Lowered Chance of Obesity

People who are sitting in a desk all day, year after year, experience a lower metabolism, resulting in more weight gain. Obesity is an extremely common illness among people with desk jobs, and this is likely because workers tend to spend 5 hours a workday sitting in their desks.

Standing can actually burn a marginal amount of fat. Each day's fat burned doesn't amount to much, but when you consider how many days of the year that you work, you're going to start to see some actual results over time.

You Can Exercise While At Your Desk

There are hundreds of exercises that you can do at your desk, ones that your co-workers won't even know you're doing. Things like calf raises and slight hamstring exercises will boost your circulation and give you the extra kick you need to stay in shape and complete your work.

Your Work Performance Will Improve

Studies have shown that the increased circulation that comes from standing at work actually improves the work of those standing. This happens because more oxygen is finding its way to your brain and allowing it to function properly.

You are also less likely to be lethargic at work if you're standing. The improved circulation allows your brain to function better, for longer periods of time. Sitting, however, promotes lethargy and poor brain function.

You Will Experience Better Moods

When we exercise, our brain releases endorphins that give us a positive feeling. This is our body's way of rewarding us for hard work and incentivizing us to do more of it. If you've ever gone for a run and felt the euphoria afterward, you've experienced endorphins.

Standing, while a marginal exercise, does release endorphins into our bodies. These chemicals give us a positive feeling, making us more engaged and enjoyable. Over time, you'll begin to associate work with that positive feeling.

You could entirely change your attitude toward work if you begin to have a positive association with it. Not only will you feel good internally, but you'll begin to be more engaged with your coworkers and superiors. It's really incredible how far our experiences at work can extend out into our personal lives.

You may find that through a healthier body and mind at work, your personal life benefits greatly and you experience better relationships. We often carry a lot of stress with us from the workplace into the home. Do your best to manage your feelings at the workplace so that you can be there for the ones you love at home.

Research Work Place Ergonomics

There are thousands of ways for you to boost productivity, improve physical and mental health, and impress your coworkers. All you need to do is a little research into the world of ergonomics.

If you're looking for products like the stand up desk that will help you function better at work, we have the information that you're looking for.

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