The Five Best Features of an Electric Height Adjustable Desk

The Five Best Features of an Electric Height Adjustable Desk

The latest research suggests that the more time we spend sitting, the more damage we do to our bodies. And unfortunately, one of the most disappointing findings of these studies is that even regular trips to the gym won’t make up for the negative effects of sitting.

Sitting still means you’re not moving, and when you’re not moving, you’re limiting circulation—and that can also lead to reduced flexibility and mobility. Think about it: office workers sit for most of their eight-hour workday, then sit in a car, bus, or train during their commute to and from work—and then sit even more in the evenings while using the computer or watching television. That adds up to a lot of sedentary hours each day.

Most people don’t get enough exercise overall, and physical activity is key to helping keep your body healthy. One way you can start incorporating more movement into your day is by using an electric height adjustable computer desk. With an electric height adjustable desk, you won’t have to manually crank or lift to adjust the height of the desk surface, and you’ll be able to use the same desk whether you sit or stand while working.

We put together the five best features of an electric height adjustable computer desk, like our Rise Up electric adjustable height standing desk. 

  1. Electric adjustment. Electric adjustable desks are much easier to raise and lower than hydraulic or hand-crank models. To adjust the height, just press the up or down button. Electric standing desks also raise and lower more smoothly than manual options, so you don’t have to worry about the items on your desk’s surface falling off as you adjust the height.
  2. Anti-collision feature. While an adjustable height desk is in motion, whether raising or lowering, it could collide with objects in its path, like windowsills or cabinets. An electric standing desk with an anti-collision feature will stop the desk’s movement if it senses something in its way—a great feature for those who have children or pets that come into your workspace.
  3. Memory preset options. The Rise Up has a control panel with four memory presets that work a bit like the ones on your car radio. You raise or lower the desk to the height that’s right for you, and program a preset button for that height. When you want to adjust the desk’s height, you press the preset button you configured, and the desk automatically adjusts to that position.
  4. Crossbar. A crossbar that connects the legs toward the middle of the desk frame provides optimal stability, which reduces wobbling and shaking.
  5. Dual motors. Electric adjustable desks with a single motor can be noisier and slower than those with a motor in each leg. Single-motor adjustable desks may also have a lower weight limit. 

In addition to customization options like three frame colors and two bamboo desktop colors, the Rise Up is the best choice for adding movement to your workday.

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