The Best Workplace Products to Help Reduce Back Pain

The Best Workplace Products to Help Reduce Back Pain

Our bodies weren’t designed to spend all day sitting. You’ve probably heard about research that points to sitting too much being the cause of a variety of negative consequences on our health and well-being. One of those problems is back pain.

Even the best office chair won’t keep you at perfect posture all day—over time, we tend to slouch in one direction or another. Perhaps you’ll round your back and hunch over your keyboard, or maybe you’ll sometimes rest your head on a hand, like the man in the illustration above. It’s no wonder that guy has back pain!

Of course, that’s an exaggerated example. In reality, poor posture can lead to back pain from strained neck, to herniated discs, and muscle weakness. An excellent way to help improve your posture is by using one of many ergonomic standing desks that can be purchased today. When you can adjust the height of your desk, you can use it while sitting or standing. Changing your position from standing to sitting while you work can help you maintain better posture, which in turn can alleviate back pain.

However, ergonomic standing desks can be pricey. If you don’t want to break the bank, you can buy ergonomic products online, including affordable standing desks. At Uncaged Ergonomics, we offer a variety of ergonomic office products, including our cheap height adjustable desk, the Rise Up. But when we say “cheap” we’re referring to the price, not the product quality! The Rise Up electric height adjustable standing desk plugs into the wall to adjust height with up and down buttons. It also has four memory presets so you can quickly move the desk to just the right height. Its eco-friendly bamboo desktop is stylish, and the desk frame comes in three colors.

But if you can’t invest in a full-sized ergonomic standing desk, there’s another affordable standing desk option: the height-adjustable standing desk conversion. Our CHANGEdesk sits on top of your existing work surface and adjusts to the height you need to work while sitting or standing. CHANGEdesk comes in two models: one with manual height adjustment, and one with electric adjustment.

The most budget-friendly options for a cheap height adjustable desk setup include our LIFT standing desk conversion and WorkEZ standing desk conversion. Both include a computer monitor riser and separate keyboard tray, so you can position your screen and your keyboard at heights that are appropriate for ideal posture.

Many people say that when they switch between sitting and standing while they work, they’re reminded to take a quick break to move around a bit. Staying in one position for too long can lead to back pain—especially if your posture isn’t always perfect. Consider working at a height adjustable standing desk; your back will thank you.

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