Textbook Stand: A Great Gift for Grads!

Textbook Stand: A Great Gift for Grads!

There are more than 3.5 million people preparing to graduate from high school in the coming weeks.

If you know one of them, you might be looking to get them the perfect gift to celebrate the occasion. From electronics to cold-hard cash, there are so many options when it comes to picking out a great gift for a high school grad.

But if you want to get something that they'll definitely use in the years to come, you should consider going with an ergonomic textbook stand. A book stand will help the high school grad in your life study more effectively in college as they pursue their higher education.

There are so many advantages that come along with using a textbook stand. Take a look at just a few of them below to see why buying one as a gift is such a good idea.

An Ergonomic Textbook Stand Will Save Your Grad's Neck and Back

The average college student spends somewhere in the neighborhood of 17 hours studying on a weekly basis.

Some choose to do it while lying down on the bed or couch in their dorm room, while others do it while sitting at their desk.

But regardless of where they do it, they more than likely put their necks and backs in a compromising position while looking down at their textbooks. This can take a toll on their necks and backs over time and lead to serious pain down the road.

With an ergonomic textbook stand, you won't have to worry about your grad suffering neck or back pain while they're studying hard in college. The stand will bring their books up to eye level and allow them to read without having to crane their neck or bend their back.

It Will Adjust to Decrease Glare

When you're trying to study at your desk, there's nothing worse than having a light shining down on your book and causing a glare. The glare can serve as a huge distraction and can send you running for another area to study.

This is a huge issue for many college students. You can help the grad in your life with this problem by setting them up with a book stand. They can adjust the angle of their book easily and reduce the glare on it caused by the lighting in any room.

Once the glare is gone, they'll be able to focus on what's really important rather than trying to adjust their books to get rid of the glare they're seeing.

It Will Prevent Your Grad From Having to Squint

The further a textbook is away from your face, the harder that it's going to be to see all of the tiny words and pictures on it. It's why so many college students spend their study hours squinting while reading their textbooks.

This obviously hinders the study process and forces students to take longer than they should to work their way through their books. But it can also do damage to their eyesight and cause long-term issues for them.

When you gift your grad with a textbook stand, they'll be able to position their books much closer to their face when studying. This will shine lots of light on their books and allow them to sit and read without having to squint all the time.

It Will Encourage Good Notetaking

If a student needs to take notes while reading through a book, it can be difficult to do it. They usually have to either:

  • Position their notebook on a desk and move their textbook even further away from them than it already is
  • Place their notebook on their lap and constantly look down to make sure they aren't making any mistakes while taking notes

You can help your high school grad avoid both of these uncomfortable scenarios by giving them a textbook stand.

Once their stand is set up, they'll be able to tuck their notebook right under the stand where they'll be able to take notes diligently as they read. It'll allow them to write naturally without having to move their textbook away from them.

It Will Cut Down on Clutter on a Desk

It's not uncommon to see college students fill their dorm room desks up with all kinds of clutter. From textbooks and notebooks to pens and pencils, the average dorm room has tons of crap all over it.

A textbook stand will help to declutter a dorm room desk and restore some order to it. The only thing a student will really need to keep on the desk is the stand and whatever book they're studying at that particular moment.

By cutting down on clutter, your grad will be able to focus on the task at hand and not worry about trying to clean up all the time. It'll increase organization and decrease the distractions when it's time to study.

It Will Making Reading and Studying Fun

College is a lot of fun, but it can also be very stressful for students. Students are constantly worried about keeping their GPAs up and getting good grades on their next quiz or test.

When you give a student a textbook stand, you'll allow them to inject some fun back into the learning process. They'll actually look forward to learning a new history lesson or breaking down a complex math equation.

A stand might not seem like the most exciting gift in the world at first. But your high school grad will really thank you for it once they see all the benefits that come along with it in college.

Purchase a Textbook Stand as a Gift Today

Would you like to give your high school grad a textbook stand and allow them to enjoy the advantages that will surely come with it?

You can find everything from heavy-duty executive stands to more portable light stands for textbooks. They'll give your grad the chance to make the most of their college years.

Contact us for more information on ordering a stand to give as a gift.

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