Surf and--Work? Finding the Best Office Balance Board for Your Workday

Surf and--Work? Finding the Best Office Balance Board for Your Workday

Do you work at the office all day? Does your back ache after long hours of sitting at the computer?

It's time to take care of that aching back.

You've read all about standing desks and are eager to try one out. But there is one invaluable item many all-day standers forget about: the office balance board.

Want to work off that fat while getting through your paperwork? We'll show you how by explaining the benefits of a balance board in your office.

What is an Office Balance Board?

Imagine a skateboard. Now, imagine it's gripping the floor at its center and only forces you to balance your weight when you want it to.

Welcome to endless possibilities.

Balance boards are perfect for individuals using standing desks. All one must do is place the board in the appropriate region and stand on it while working.

The board is stable enough that you can stand and wiggle without having to balance. However, should you desire to work out those legs, all it takes is a slight shifting of weight to surf, twist, and tip.


Each board offers a unique blend of characteristics, and we've catered every design to our clients' needs.


Our boards consis of sturdy material designed to withstand weight all day and to be easily transported.

Our BASE active standing board offers an eco-bamboo top and an ABS wave pattern. The BASE + also offers an eco-bamboo top but with an aluminum bottom and a honeycomb design.

The components are sturdy and safe.


The materials and top patterns make surfing while working easy and fun. There are no worries about slipping off the board or sliding on its top.

In addition, each board comes with non-skid, non-marking bottoms and corners. There is no anxiety about marking up the floor, sliding into that enormous printer nearby, or flying feet-first into the air.

You're safe as can be.

Comfort and Range of Motion

You can twist, bend, lean, and tip on the standing boards. Boogie your way into fitness while typing up those dreaded reports!

Each board is carefully designed for maximum comfort. The boards are comfortable to stand on and fun to use.

The Benefits of Office Boarding

You don't need waves to be a surfer anymore. Instead, you can practice in front of your keyboard or even while you're cooking at home.

All the while, individuals improve their health and productivity.

More Energy

Tired of endlessly sipping at caffeine to get through the day? Coffee isn't the answer.

Instead, a balance board allows you to stretch and work your muscles, which comes with a whole host of health benefits. Among them is an increase in blood flow to the body, which increases your energy levels.

Better Balance

All that twisting and leaning increases your balance. The result is that the muscles in your lower body grow stronger.

It might not sound like much, but strengthening the muscles necessary for balance helps you in all areas of life: walking, picking things up, standing and sitting, and more.

Furthermore, increased balance reduces the risks of falls.

Trimmed Waist and Legs

How would you like to exercise your core and legs without spending an hour out of each day sweating profusely?

A balancing board is your answer.

By balancing throughout the day, you work your core and legs. While the effects are subtle, you'll notice a difference and have an easier time keeping those extra pounds at bay.


Good posture matters.

Healthy posture impacts balance, making everything from walking to reaching for items easier.

To ensure you have good posture, place weight evenly on both feet and stand with your chin parallel to the floor. Hold your shoulders and arms at an even distance.

The shape of our office balance boards encourages healthy posture habits, which carry to everyday life.

Better Health

Sitting and standing still for hours is unhealthy.

It limits the number of calories burnt, which makes obesity more likely. In addition, sitting or standing still for long periods can cause multiple diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

By allowing your body to move, you reduce the risks stemming from a sedentary life. For employees who sit all day, such a small device is invaluable in terms of health.

Safe and Permissible

Many individuals enjoy tools like fitness balls in their offices. While some find these additions beneficial, many managers dislike these add-ins because of the risk of injury.

All it takes is a particularly long reach and an employee finds him or herself on the floor. As a result, supervisors often prohibit these balls in the office.

A balance board, however, is widely accepted. They won't pop and the designs make them safe for workers to stand on for extended lengths of time.


Balance boards are so much fun and so beneficial we know you'll want to take yours home with you.

That's why our boards are portable. They weigh less than 13 pounds and have a concealed handle to make transport easy.

Say hello to a whole new way of cooking.


Finally, the increased energy and health effects associated with a balance board translate to more work done. That second cup of coffee isn't necessary anymore because you'll have the option to stretch and balance for energy.

Researchers have even found exercising lets us take in more information, improves our memories and enhances creativity.

Consequently, you'll get more work done.

And that means a happier work life, happier bosses and a happier you.

Boogie Your Work Away

Are you ready to boogie your work away?

Get more done, feel better and stay healthy with an office balance board. No more worrying about future health issues. No more sitting still for hours on end.

It's time to get active and stay healthy.

If you're not quite ready for a balancing act, we have other options for you. Take a look at our anti-fatigue mats.

Easy to use, effective and cost-efficient, they're the perfect tool to prepare you for a balance board. After all, don't you want to surf at work?   

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