Standing Desks Improve Productivity – Google and Facebook Believe It Too

Standing Desks Improve Productivity – Google and Facebook Believe It Too

You probably know that using ergonomic products can help decrease your risk of musculoskeletal problems like repetitive stress injuries. But did you know that ergonomic products can help improve productivity as well?

One of the major reasons the best ergonomic products are designed is to help reduce fatigue. When you’re fatigued, your productivity suffers, and you could be more prone to making mistakes. And that’s not good for you or your employer. You can buy ergonomic products online that can help keep your energy levels steady throughout the day.

Sitting still means you’re not moving, and when you’re not moving, you’re limiting circulation—and that can also lead to reduced flexibility and mobility. Think about it: office workers sit for most of their eight-hour workday, then sit in a car, bus, or train during their commute to and from work—and then sit even more in the evenings while using the computer or watching television. That adds up to a lot of sedentary hours each day.

Most people don’t get enough exercise overall, and physical activity is key to helping keep your body healthy. One way you can start incorporating more movement into your day is by using an sit-to-stand adjustable computer desk. With a height adjustable desk, you’ll be able to use the same desk whether you sit or stand while working.

We wanted to share some videos and articles we found on Facebook and Google that help demonstrate how a standing desk can help improve productivity.

A recent study at Texas A&M University revealed that people who use sit to stand adjustable height computer desks are  46% more productive than those who sit all day at a traditional desk.

In this Facebook video, Romi Singh Gill discusses how his productivity has improved since he started using a standing desk:

Another study, funded by the American Society of Inter Designers Foundation (ASIDF),  evaluated behavioral changes in office workers who used height adjustable desks. Among these behavioral changes were improved energy, less musculoskeletal pain, and increased awareness of posture. CNBC’s Jim Cramer agrees:

The University of Queensland in Australia  did a study of sit-stand and treadmill desks. They found that office workers who use these desks demonstrate improved productivity and fewer signs of workplace stress.

There are many ergonomic products available that can help workers in all industries. But the best ergonomic products are the ones that help make you more comfortable while you work—those are the ones that will help improve productivity.

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