Standing Desks for Shared Workspaces

Standing Desks for Shared Workspaces

What is a Shared Workspace?

Flexible work options that can help improve collaboration are becoming increasingly popular, and people from freelancers to full-timers are taking advantage of these environments. Coworking spaces are created in an office, and allow anyone to purchase the use of a desk or office, usually on a subscription-type basis. Some of these are a bit like a timeshare, where many people use the space for different purposes at different times.

Shared workspaces can be great for those who work 100% remotely, so they can not only get out of the house, but also gain inspiration by working with others in the same situation. In other cases, very small startups may choose to work in a shared workspace instead of leasing an office.

If your company has shared workspaces—whether a coworking space, shared private offices, or a workplace where desks are unassigned—you can offer ergonomic options by adding electric sit stand desks. Most people are aware that sitting too much is not a healthy habit, and are looking to work more physical activity into their workday.

Adjustable Height Desks in Shared Workspaces

With an electric adjustable desk, the people who use it can easily adjust the height of the desk with the control panel that raises and lowers the desktop surface with the touch of a button. Additionally, shared workspaces will probably want to outfit their offices with the sturdiest available electric sit stand desks, so they will stand up to being used by multiple people.

The highest quality electric adjustable desks feature dual motors—with a motor in each leg. This means quieter, smoother movement and a higher weight limit. They also will have a crossbar that connects the legs toward the middle of the desk frame for optimal stability. Since an electric height adjustable standing desk will be raised and lowered many times throughout the day, the crossbar will help ensure the items on the desk surface won’t wobble or shake as the desk height moves.

Finally, look for electric standing desks with an anti-collision feature. When an adjustable height desk is in motion, it could collide with objects in its path, like windowsills, cabinets, or other furniture. An electric standing desk with an anti-collision feature halts the desk’s movement if it senses something in its way.

Many electric adjustable height desks have the option for a control panel that has memory presets that work a bit like the ones on your car radio. You move the desk to the height that’s right for you, and program a preset button for that height. When you want to adjust the desk’s height, you press the preset button you configured, and the desk automatically adjusts to that position. This feature may or may not be helpful in a shared workspace, since multiple users may override the memory presets.

No matter what kind of shared workspace you use, your customers and visitors are likely to appreciate having an ergonomically friendly option when they can use an electric adjustable sit-to-stand desk.

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