Standing Desk on a Budget

Standing Desk on a Budget

Standing desks can be expensive, but you still want to improve the ergonomics of your workstation. You can try out standing while you work by raising your computer components—your laptop or monitor and keyboard—by stacking them on boxes or books. However, that might not be a sturdy, long-term solution. You don’t want to bump your desk and send your expensive equipment tumbling to the floor…not to mention it’s also not particularly stylish. 

If you aren’t able to afford an entirely new desk, or you can’t otherwise replace your entire desk, you can still enjoy the benefits of a standing desk by using a standing desk conversion or a height adjustable monitor stand. 

What is an Electric Adjustable Standing Desk Conversion? 

If you’re looking for a cheaper, smaller, portable standing desk option, consider an electric adjustable standing desk conversion. A standing desk conversion is the best way to obtain affordable standing desks for yourself and your employees. These desktop risers can help you position your laptop, keyboard, and/or monitor at the height you need for standing. They are adjustable in height, so they can also be used while you’re sitting. An electric adjustable standing desk uses electric motors that raise and lower the height with the push of a button—a very nice feature for an inexpensive standing desk! 

But the best part is that they are placed on top of an existing work surface, and usually have a footprint size that will fit even the smallest, narrowest workstations. There are many options to choose from these days, because a variety of manufacturers have seen the value in lower-cost, portable ergonomic desk options. 

Using a Monitor Stand as an Inexpensive Standing Desk Option 

When your computer monitor is positioned improperly, you can end up with neck and shoulder pain from craning your neck or turning your head to see the monitor while you’re working. Using a height adjustable monitor stand can help you position your monitor directly in front of you, with the center of the screen at about eye height. 

When you work using an adjustable height monitor riser, you can spend part of your day sitting and part of your day standing. Alternating your position from standing to sitting during your workday can help you maintain better posture, which in turn can alleviate back pain. Additionally, the physical movement you’ll add to your day will help increase blood flow, which helps boost oxygen to your brain. That oxygen boost can improve your energy levels throughout the day, as well. 

By using one of these options to create a standing desk on a budget, you’re likely to find the benefits of your ergonomically improved computer workstation will help you work more comfortably and keep you at your healthy best.

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