Standing Desk Chairs: Your Guide to the Best Types of Active Office Chairs

Standing Desk Chairs: Your Guide to the Best Types of Active Office Chairs

You've probably heard by now that sitting for hours at a time isn't so hot for your health.

According to studies, it can actually shave years off your life, giving literal meaning to the expression of working yourself to death. Even more alarming is that if you regularly exercise out of the office you still won't counteract all of the damage.

What's an office worker to do?

One obvious solution is to stand while working by investing in a height-adjustable standing desk.

However, some employers are not willing to invest in ergonomic work equipment and some employees experience joint pain when standing for prolonged hours.

Luckily, there is a solution. It's called the standing desk chair or active chair.

Not only do these chairs help make you a healthier employee, they're also quite fun to use. Read on to learn about some of the best types of standing desk chairs available and the advantages they have over traditional office chairs.

Wobble Stool

At first glance, the wobble stool may have you asking, "How am I supposed to keep my balance on that?"

We get it; it looks a little tipsy with its rounded base that tilts to and fro.

However, getting the hang of this rocking little number happens quickly and once you do, you'll be burning extra calories during the day, working your core, and staying alert throughout your workday.

The wobble stool or perch stool was designed to live up to its name by wobbling, under your control. It's height adjustable so you can sit down or perch yourself on it in a nearly standing position (known as active standing.)

Either way, you'll reap the benefits of engaging your core and balance.

Using a stool instead of a chair can greatly enhance your posture since there's no back to lean against. Sometimes the backs of chairs just don't fit the human body right, leading to back problems and strain.

With a wobble stool you'll be rocking, swiveling, and moving even though you're technically sitting. The weighted base means it can't be tipped over when not in use.

You can buy it with a round or triangular shaped cushioned saddle for comfort and the rubber, non-skid coating on the base will allow it to safely grip to floors.

Wobble Stool Air

The wobble stool air is missing the weighted rounded base and instead looks more like a traditional stool on wheels to easily help you scoot around.

In this stool model, though, it's the cushion that is designed to work your core and your hips.

The wobble stool air's cushion looks like that of any other stool; flat and even. But once you sit down on it, you realize you need to move your body to keep your balance. Customers report that this stool definitely helps keeps them on their toes and stay more alert during the workday.

Like the wobble stool, the wobble stool air is height adjustment to help you sit properly at a variety of workstations and tables.

Benefits of Standing Desk Chairs

Whether you're an employer thinking about incorporating more ergonomic seating in your office or an employee who would like to feel physically better throughout the work day, you should know that standing desk chairs such as the wobble stool and wobble stool air deliver several benefits:

They Keep Your Body Moving

Standing desk chairs help counteract some of the damage done to the body by sitting because they constantly keep you moving. You don't have a choice but to subtly shift and rock to keep your balance.

A standing desk chair also provides a great alternative for workers who can't take periodic breaks and walk around the office several times a day.

They Burn Calories

Any kind of movement, even physical activity that seems trivial, uses energy and burns calories. We burn an average of 68 calories per minute by sitting quietly, but that number jumps to over 100 an hour by talking or engaging in some light movement. Keeping your balance and maneuvering your lower body definitely contributes to that deficit.

They're Ideal for ADD Sufferers

For both kids and adults diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, using a chair that forces them to keep moving can be like heaven and help with concentration.

They're More Discrete

Some ergonomic office chairs such as balance ball chairs look a little out of place in a conservative work environment. Both the wobble stool and wobble stool air have designs that are more conservative than balance ball chairs. Their slimmer design makes you less likely to stand out in an office environment (although once your coworkers try your new seat, they may just want to steal it for themselves.)

They Beat Balance Ball Chairs

Using a wobble stool air beats a balance ball chair any day for a few reasons. The balls found in balance ball chairs are usually made of rubber which can get kind of sticky in warm conditions. Some users also feel like they're sinking into the ball, a position which can create back issues.

Ball chairs are also not height adjustable and users have reported that it's easy to slide off of one.

They Keep You More Alert

You probably know how easy it is to fall asleep or lose your concentration when sitting in a stationary chair. Using an active chair keeps you more energetic and alert (especially when attending the weekly department meeting.)

You Can Use Them Anywhere

Our wobble stool and wobble stool air are lightweight and portable so they can be carried and used in different parts of an office or house. You can take yours into a meeting room or when conversing with other coworkers.

In the comfort of your home, you can use a standing desk chair in your home office, in the kitchen, at the dining room table, while watching TV, or even while entertaining or outside.

They provide a great way to remain a little more active while carrying out certain daily chores.

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